Pump Tracks in Perth

Firstly, just what IS a pump track?! A pump track is a looped bike track jam-packed with “rollers and berms”, otherwise known as bumps and banked turns. The track is designed to maximize the rider’s momentum by pumping (moving their body) so that they should be able to ride it with very minimal pedalling. There are loads of pump tracks in Perth – they seem to be popping up everywhere.

There are many big gravel pump tracks around the metro area. Easier, soft fall pump tracks are perfect for little kids while they are building their confidence. Either way, they are perfect for riders of BMX bikes and mountain bikes building skills, before heading to a mountain bike trail through the bush! See our big guide to pump tracks in Perth here…


Pump Tracks North & East of Perth

Lake Leschenaultia Pump Track, Chidlow

If you want to start the kid’s love of mountain biking early, Lake Lesch is a perfect place to begin, with a fun pump track. Once they’ve mastered that, you can try them on the easy yellow MTB trail. See more in the Buggybuddys review. 

Pump Tracks in Perth


Honeycomb Park, Brabham 

While the buzz about Honeycomb Park is all around it’s beautiful bee themed playground and bright yellow slide, don’t forget to bring the bikes and scooters! There is a large scooter trail and BMX pump track. See more in the Buggybuddys review. 

Pump Tracks in Perth

Pic Credit ; Perth Mum Adventures


Britannia Reserve Pump Track, Leederville

The 1.2km Britannia Reserve Pump Track and nature bike trail is close to the city. It’s a great spot to take active kids of all ages out riding. See more in the Buggybuddys review. 


Lloyd Penn Park, Koongamia

The Lloyd Penn pump track is perfect for kids that are keen to hone their skills before trying a full sized  track. There is also new play equipment, plus a half-court basketball (with netball net too), which makes this a brilliant spot to bring the bike. See more in the Buggybuddys review. 

Pump Tracks in Perth


Shepherds Bush Park, Kingsley

While everyone is familiar with the cute traffic park at Kingsley, did you know that there is a pump and jump bike trail? The BMX/Mountain bike track includes colour coded tracks suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. The beginner’s track is great for younger ones who are confident bike riders. The more advanced tracks are popular with teens, the jumps and tricks are pretty impressive. Younger children need to be careful and keep their eyes peeled! See more in the Buggybuddys review. 


Forster Park, Cloverdale

Forster Park is home to a pump track circuit and there are some pretty large jumps too. This is so much fun – even just watching! See more in the Buggybuddys review.

Pump Tracks in Perth


Pump Tracks South of Perth

John Dunn Challenge Park, Kelmscott

John Dunn Challenge Park is amazing. There are many pump tracks, plus a trainer track, mini track, intermediate track and advanced track – meaning there is a level to suit everyone here. See more in the Buggybuddys review. 


One71 Pump Track and Playground, Baldivis

Kids love a BMX track or skate park, though little learners may find larger spots intimidating. The One71 Pump track and playground in Baldivis has smaller humps and bowls than your average skate park. See more in the Buggybuddys review. 

Pump Tracks in Perth


Allure North Park, Treeby

Allure North Park, found in the Calleya Estate, does not disappoint. There’s a playground, but the main attraction is the Junior BMX Pump Track which is enjoyed by BMX riders, bike riders, skateboarders and those on scooters too! See more in the Buggybuddys review. 


Dixon Park, Hamilton Hill

At Dixon Park, near Fremantle, there’s a fun nature playground, plus an upgraded BMX Pump Track. Be sure to bring the balls too, there’s an oval with footy posts and half a basketball court too. See more in the Buggybuddys review.

dixon reserve


Shipwreck Cove, Golden Bay

The amazing shipwreck-themed playground also has a super cool pump track, plus a cycle and scooter circuit. It’s easy to spend a  few hours there with BBQs, shaded picnic tables, toilets, and lots of parking. The big pump track has been well designed, giving the riders plenty of space and various types of rollers and turns making it accessible for different levels of riders. See more in the Buggybuddys review.

Shipwreck Cove, Golden Bay


Madox Playground and Pumptrack, Forrestdale

Anything with wheels – scooters, bikes and even skateboards are a must at Madox. There’s a concrete bike path that loops the play area and bowl, with street signs and colourful zebra crossings. The small bowl/pump track is perfect for kids that are keen to hone their skills before trying a full-sized skating bowl or pump track. See more in the Buggybuddys review. 

Madox Playground and Pumptrack


Did we miss your favourite pump track in Perth? Let us know in the comments below!

Ready to build on those MTB skills? Here’s a guide to the mountain bike trails in Perth. (coming soon)

For a slower pace of bike riding, see our cycle paths in Perth guide here.

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  1. Mark Jones 2 years ago

    Hi Amanda, Well done on the list of pump tracks.
    There is a new one in East Fremantle at Gourley Park corner Preston Point Road and Pier Street.. It is also included a new nature based playground.

  2. Fiona 5 months ago

    There is a new pump track at Kent St Weir

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