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Looking for a kids sensory class in Perth? Sensory play for kids is an essential part of learning. The early childhood years from babies to pre-schoolers are critically important for building nerve connections in the brain, supporting language development, building motor skills and socialising. It’s also a brilliant way to meet other local parents.

There are many reasons to provide sensory play for toddlers, babies and pre-schoolers. Not all of us are fans of the mess that sensory play can make in the home (think finger painting etc!). Good news – there are many sensory classes in Perth that take care of the mess for you. Just remember to wear old clothes! See our guide here…   


Effervescent Kids Sensory Sessions, Coogee

These sensory classes have a different theme every week, A variety of food-based sensory play, crafts, bubbles, musical play and free play stations are filled with chances for kids of all ages and abilities to be imaginative.

Kids can move between the learning stations at their own pace. to build a whole range of skills and learning opportunities. At the end of the sessions, parents enjoy a morning tea together in the park. Read more in the Buggybuddys blog.

Effervescent Kids – The Details

Age – kids aged 0-4 years

Session Time – 90mins

Cost – $7.50 for under 2’s, $15 for over 2’s and $25 for two children.

Find Effervescent Kids Sensory Sessions at Coogee Community Hall,

Toddler Sensory Classes in Perth


Baby Sensory Sessions, Various Locations

The multi-award winning Baby Sensory programme has been specially designed to enhance the learning and development of babies. There’s singing, movement, music, story time, even some dancing with disco lights.

After 25 minutes of sensory enriched activities, babies are given a 15-minute break. Then more fun activities begin! This structure mimics the baby’s natural play-rest-play cycle, ensuring they get the most out of the session. Bookings are made in 10-week blocks, during the school term. Read more in the Buggybuddys blog.

Baby Sensory – The Details

Age – babies from birth to 13 months.

Session Time – 60 mins

Cost – $225 for 10 weeks. Sibling, twin and group discounts apply. 

Baby Sensory Sessions are held at various locations around Perth. Find your nearest class at 

Baby Sensory, Joondalup


Messy Mat Sensory Sessions, Various Locations

Messy play helps children relax, get creative, explore or even express their feelings. Each of the 12 multi-sensory stations look inviting with bright colours and textures (like slime!), pouring equipment, brushes, spoons and ladles for little hands and inquisitive minds.

Booking online is simple and it’s great value considering you don’t have to clean up! Read more in the Buggybuddys blog.

Messy Mat Sensory Sessions– The Details

Age – babies from 6 months to 4 years.

Session Time – 60 mins

Cost – $24.50

Messy Mat Sensory Sessions are held at various locations around Perth. Find your nearest class at

Messy Mat Perth


Toddler Sense Sessions, Various Locations

Toddler Sense is an award-winning programme. Fun activities are designed to keep toddlers busy, active, and stimulated by offering them a magical, multi-adventure experience in a safe, friendly environment. 

Every week at Toddler Sense the theme is different. The class starts with free play to help children settle in and burn off some energy. This encourages them to socialise too. After free play, there is singing, and structured activities, including songs with actions, games and a fun parachute. Read more in the Buggybuddys blog.

Toddler Sense Sessions– The Details

Age – 13 months to 4 years.

Session Time – 60 mins

Cost – $ for 10 weeks. Sibling, twin and group discounts apply. 

Toddler Sense Sessions are held at various locations around Perth. Find your nearest class at 

Toddler Sense, Joondalup

Have we missed your favourite sensory class in Perth? Let us know in the comments below!

Find more kids’ classes in Perth here. 

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