Pemberton Pool

Pemberton Pool was built in the late 1920’s for the families living in the timber mill town. The original pool was built by the local school’s P&C after an excursion to Bunbury for the students to go swimming was so costly, they decided to create their own swimming pool in town!

Pemberton Pool

Pemberton pool is so visually stunning it almost doesn’t seem real. The large pool, created by damming the Lefroy Brook, is flanked on one side by beautiful Karri forests, the calm dark water acts like a giant mirror making it even more striking. The water is coloured by the tannins in the trees, it is flowing and fresh, and therefore safe to swim in.

Pemberton Pool

There are 3 sections to the pool, a small toddler area (with water about knee height), a kid’s area (with water about chest height) and the main part which is very deep. There is a small jetty to dive from and the barrier walls. Two large blue plastic rafts float around the pool, the kids had a great time getting from one end to the other. It was awesome to see the teamwork between them, some paddled with their feet and some used big sticks as punts, gondola style!

Pemberton Pool

The car park side has a gentle grassed hill enabling a great vantage point to watch kids in the water. There are many trees for shade as well as benches, picnic tables and a BBQ. Unfortunately, the kiosk is not operational at the moment, but you can BYO your own food and drinks (just no glass). There are toilets on-site and the whole pool area is fenced.

Pemberton Pool

Pemberton Pool is on the very aptly named Swimming Pool Road, Pemberton. The car park is also a good starting point for the Mountain Bike trails that run alongside the pool. Entry to the pool is free, and is open during daylight hours.

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