Grapes On Swan

Grapes On Swan Review

Grapes on Swan is now open for Summer 2023

We’re big fans of places to visit where you can pick your own fruit. Fruit tastes so much sweeter when hand-picked and eaten straight away. Nestled in Perth’s own wine region Grapes On Swan in Henley Brook is only 35min from the CBD on the new Tonkin Hwy and is open for pick your own grapes.

The vineyard is on a quiet street with lots of parking. On arrival, the staff greeted us and explained which rows were ready for picking. Don’t forget to take along your own scissors and bag or box to carry the grapes in.

Grapes On Swan

We couldn’t believe how many grapes there were and how large the bunches were! It was quite warm on the day we visited but the vines themselves gave us plenty of shade. Closed shoes are recommended as the ground in between the rows is a little rocky, however, it is still pram friendly as the ends of the rows are grassed if you’re willing to leave your pram at the end of the row and just pick there.

Grapes On Swan

Grapes On Swan

The vineyard grows a few different varieties of grapes. My children usually only like green grapes, but as these finished their season in January the grapes on offer were crimson seedless grapes. I can honestly say they are the best grapes we’ve ever had! They were so sweet it was like eating lollies!

Grapes On Swan

On exiting the vineyard the staff will weigh how many grapes you picked. The price is only $5 per kilo (there is no entry fee), they only take cash. We picked over 3 kilos of grapes, I thought we got too much but as they were so yummy they only lasted a few days!

Grapes On Swan
If you need a drink after your grape picking visit, Funk Cider is on the same street.

Grapes On Swan is at 165 Swan Street, Henley Brook. Check their Facebook page for current varieties available and opening times.

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