GreenAcres Blueberry Farm

You may have been strawberry picking, orange picking, or even apple picking, but have you ever been blueberry picking? Just like any fruit picking you may have done before, the fruit always tastes better and fresher straight off the plant!

GreenAcres Blueberry Farm

GreenAcres Blueberry Farm is located in Neergabby (about halfway between Perth and Lancelin) just off Indian Ocean Drive. All of the blueberry bushes are housed inside huge shade houses to protect them (and pickers!) from the elements. The benefit of picking blueberries over other fruit is that the fruit is a perfect height! Not too high in a tree and not on the ground. The aisles between the plants are wide and flat, perfect for prams, and plastic covers the ground so no getting bogged!

GreenAcres Blueberry Farm

There is plenty of parking on site. At the north end of the shadehouses you will find staff to assist you. They will give you a bucket to use when picking (this can be returned once you’ve finished and transferred the berries to your own container. It only costs $15 per bucket (holding up to 1kg), plus $5 car entry fee. We found one bucket was plenty. The fruit was plentiful and delicious. The shadehouses are quite expansive, so even if it is busy there is still fruit to be picked.
GreenAcres Blueberry Farm

GreenAcres Blueberry Farm is at 876 Chitna Road, Neergabby and is now open for the 2023/2024 picking season. Follow their Facebook page for opening times.

GreenAcres Blueberry Farm

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