Three Anchors, Albany

Three Anchors is a fantastic restaurant located right on Middleton Beach Albany. Whenever we come down here, we always stop at Three Anchors for breakfast.  

This morning was a little cold, so walking inside the restaurant to find the fireplace lit was a welcoming touch. They serve breakfast here between the hours of 7am – 11am.  

I had pancakes with added banana and ice cream (because we all need extra sugar first thing in the morning, right?) hubby got the omelette which got lots of “MMM this is delicious” and miss 3 decided on a croissant with jam.

Three Anchors, Albany

The food was delicious as usual, I guess that is why we keep coming back. Another reason would be the fantastic view. You can’t beat sitting down to a nice meal and looking out across the ocean. 

Three Anchors, Albany

Three Anchors doesn’t just do breakfast, they are also open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. The lunch and dinner menu is served from 11:30am with a different dinner special each night of the week. On Sunday afternoons they have a local musician or band playing live music.  

For the kids, they have a children’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and drinks menu. Included on this menu are a few healthy options such as a grilled chicken and salad wrap, char grilled steak with roast veg. If your kids are fussy like mine, never fear, there is the usual nuggets, fish and chips or pasta.  

There is no kids play area as such but they do sell colouring and sticker packs for $2. There is a playground right out the front, so you could always sit out there and watch the kids play. 

Three Anchors, Albany

If you are looking for somewhere just to grab a drink in the evening, they have a large range of beer, wine or spirits as well as a few drinks on tap.  

Out the back of the restaurant, there is an alfresco area with a few tables and chairs that you could sit at and watch the band playing on the small stage.  

Three Anchors, Albany

If you have your furry friends with you, there are tables and chairs out the front that you could sit at. While I was there, I noticed a few people out walking their dogs and stopping in here for a coffee afterwards.  

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