Best hot Dogs in Perth

Hot dogs are the yummiest! They bring back such happy memories from when we were kids. They’re tasty, comforting, and always a hit at family BBQs. If you’re in Perth and want to have a delicious hot dog and relive some childhood memories, be sure to check out our list of the best hot dogs in the city!

Below, you will find all of the best spots to grab a bite and enjoy some pure deliciousness. Let’s take a look!


Hot Dogs in Perth



Burgermeister is a truly exceptional hot dog spot in Perth. This awesome location only uses delicious sausages that are sourced directly from authentic German butchers. Burgermeister offers eight-inch bratwursts that are served in soft, bread rolls that come with a range of different options for you to choose from.

The most popular menu item here is called The Blue. It is a bratwurst sausage in a bun topped with caramelised onions, blue cheese, sour cream, and barbecue sauce. If you’re looking for a good old hotdog to chow down on, this is the place to go!


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Alfred’s Kitchen


Alfred’s is a really cool burger institution based in Guildford. However, you really can’t forget about their absolutely insane hot dogs. They specialised in the classic hot dog with a sausage, cheese, and onions on a round bun.

You absolutely have to check out this spot if you’re looking to enjoy a classic Aussie hot dog. This spot definitely serves up some of Perth’s best hot dogs with ingredients found locally.

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Alfred's Kitchen, Guildford

Run Amuk

South Fremantle

Run Amuk in Fremantle is the place where hot dog options such as The Rukus (premium bratwurst, crispy prosciutto, chilli and lime sambal, cheddar, spinach, jalapenos, and sour cream) and The Ninja (bratwurst, teriyaki, guacamole, pickles ginger, pineapple relish, and Japanese mayo). 

This means that you can be very confident about the fact that they make pretty insane hot dogs. If you have eclectic taste buds, it is the place to go.

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Johnny’s Burger Joint

Canning Vale

This awesome suburban spot is super famous for its great burgers. However, it became even more popular when people found out about the insanely good hot dogs here! Johnny’s Burger Joint serves up some pretty damn good options, like the classic.

However, for more explorative eaters, you should try the Philly cheese steak hot dog with peppers, grilled beef, mushrooms, onions, and melted American cheese inside a long hot dog bun. Seriously, if you like the sounds of that, there is even more on offer here for you to enjoy.


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Brooklyn Lounge


This awesome eatery is US-inspired which means loaded everything. They offer hot dogs such as the Mac Daddy (mac and cheese, bacon, sausage, and caramelised onion) and the classic New Yorker (tomato, cheese, bratwurst, and mustard). 

Better yet, they offer up a Hot Dogs and Hip Hop night at Brooklyn Lounge on a Wednesday with hot dog prices starting from only $10.


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Wassup Dog

East Perth and Fremantle

Wassup Dog offers up so many absolutely fantastic hot dog options. You can check out gluten-free, vegetarian, and even vegan varieties. We highly recommend The Frenchman which features a homemade beef sausage, goats’ cheese, WA cheddar, apricot jam, and camembert.

It is a super fancy way to chow down on a hot dog and enjoy a night with the family! Everyone will find something they love here due to the great options available.



Lord of the Fries


Lord of the Fries is a super popular destination in the heart of Perth. While they obviously specialize in fries, Lord of the Fries in Perth also serves up some pretty damn good hot dogs. People especially love the old faithful Chicago-style dog with a vegetarian sausage, pickles, peppers, relish, celery salt, and mustard.

It is a super odd combination when you first read it, but all of these amazing flavours pair perfectly to create a delicious hot dog. It is definitely worth a try.


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Varsity Bar


Varsity Bar in Waterford offers up loads of awesome hot dogs for you to choose from on their awesome menu. The Chilli Dawg is most certainly a crowd favourite that you must try if you enjoy a bit of spice. It is a footlong Vienna filled with diced onions, chilli beef, and house cheese whip.

It is absolutely incredible and will make your taste buds dance with joy!


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East Village


There is no place in Perth where you will be able to find a classic American hot dog like the one at East Village. This New York-inspired spot is always dishing up some classic American hot dogs with chilli beef, a sausage, cheese sauce, and onion. 

Trust us, you won’t find anything like it in Perth.

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The Bratwurst Bar


Located within the famous Fremantle Markets, The Bratwurst Bar is a super obvious and convenient choice if you’re looking for a hot dog. They serve up true, authentic German Bratwurst sausages made from veal and pork, curry sausages, garlic sausages, and Kransky sausages. 

At The Bratwurst Bar, based in Perth, all of your hot dog dreams will come true.


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Bunnings Warehouse

Okay, we know that Bunnings is a hardware store, but it would simply be un-Australian to not mention the famous Bunnings Snag when we are listing the best hot dogs in the Perth area. While these snags aren’t piled high with interesting ingredients like the others, sometimes less is more.

The soft, white bread, crispy fried onions, and classic beef sausage coated in sauce has become a rite of passage for visitors to Bunnings on the weekends. Better yet, every purchase goes towards helping different organisations. It is really a win-win situation!


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If you’re looking to chow down on the best hot dogs in Perth, you have to try out the places listed above! Let us know what you think about these Perth hot dogs in the comments below. We would love to hear about your experience!



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