Now and Zen Wellbeing

Now and Zen Wellbeing is a new class that helps empower youths by creating flexible bodies and brains.


This new mindful movement class focuses on breathing, yoga shapes, games and relaxation.

The class helps assist Children aged 5-18 to build an awareness of their body-mind connection. They will learn self-regulation strategies to lead healthy lives through breath, movement and mindfulness.


Classes are run every Saturday morning.

9.30am ages 5-11 years

10.30am ages 12-18 years


Classes run for 55 minutes and are held at Ardence studio unit 8 71-77 Albert street Osborne park.  There is plenty of street parking and toilet facilities inside the studio.


Shannon, the owner of Zen and Wellbeing is a certified trauma-informed children’s and teens’ yoga educator was so great with the kids, so kind and patient and the perfect person to bring this concept to our children.

Now and Zen Wellbeing


Shannon also offers school wellness days, school term programmes, one on one, families, small groups, parties and holiday programmes.


The classes cost $15 and you can book online at


Yoga mats are provided. All you need to do is bring a water bottle and wear comfy clothes.

Parents are welcome to drop and leave for the duration of the class or are welcome to stay and sit behind the privacy screen just so there is no distraction to the children. I was lucky enough to sit in and witness the beautiful Shannon interact with the kids and watch Paizley try something she had never experienced before.

Now and Zen Wellbeing


The class began with a fun icebreaker where the kids got to introduce themselves and share their favourite colours. Shannon set a positive tone by reminding everyone of the importance of feeling safe and being kind to each other. This made the kids feel at ease and ready to learn.

Now and Zen Wellbeing


Next, the group gathered around a whiteboard for a lively discussion about things that are the same yet different. It was heartwarming to see all the kids participating and having fun while learning.

Now and Zen Wellbeing


Shannon brought in some playfulness by incorporating ribbons into their breath work and stretching exercises. The kids then explored different yoga poses and had a blast doing partner work with a fun yoga pose that had everyone giggling.

Now and Zen Wellbeing

Now and Zen Wellbeing


The class continued with a game using Pom poms where the kids had to pick them up with their feet and place them on their mat. They then got to be creative and make something with their Pom poms.

Now and Zen Wellbeing

The class ended with a relaxing and calming session to calm everyone down after all the fun and excitement.

Now and Zen Wellbeing


The yoga mats and anything used during the class are all washed and cleaned after each session.


Although initially, I wasn’t sure how Paizley would go with this being such an active child who rarely sits still she had great moments of where she tried really hard to participate in discussions, slowed down with the relaxation and gave it her very best with the yoga positions.

Now and Zen Wellbeing


I absolutely love the concept of this class and the benefits it will provide to so many kids.

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