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In every single puppy’s life, there will come a time when they begin to play-bite, destroy socks, go to the toilet indoors, and become destructive until their owner can no longer tolerate it. Luckily for you and your pup, Perth is full of a massive variety of different dog training clubs for dogs at all different levels of training. 


Not only is it a super great way for you and your canine companion to get on the same page, but it is also a great way for your dog to develop social skills and obedience when it comes to them and their interactions with other dogs, humans, and animals. If you think you’re in need it some good dog training in Perth, check out our list of classes below!




Dog Training in Perth


Perth Obedience & Dog Training Club

Perth Obedience & Dog Training Club, also known as PTODC, was the very first established dog club in the entirety of Perth. They now hold classes on a Wednesday for obedience and Friday at Harold Rossiter Park in Vic Park for agility. They work with both owners and dogs of all ages and levels.


New members are always welcome to join and enjoy the club for enjoyment. This not-for-profit is run by a committee of volunteers which ensures that there is a heap of attention and love from everyone who is involved.




Top Dogz Pet Training

Top Dogz is a super cool training class headed up by industry-accredited trainer Trevor Valberg. This family-focused training class is excellent for dogs who need to know and understand home life with children and pets co-existing. Valberg has over 10 years of experience and offers Adult Group Training, Behaviour Consults, Puppy Kindy, No Jumping Parties, Walk and Trains, and Post Adoptive Training.


It is the perfect place to kickstart your pet’s obedience journey.




Southern River Agility and Obedience Dog Club

SRAODC is an efficient dog club that operated at Dogs West in Southern River. It is a membership-based dog community that offers affordable classes in agility, obedience, and rally-o if you’re looking to truly get serious with your training. It is a really great club to be a part of.


If you need help with dog obedience, the obedience training and group classes here really are second to none. These team members are experts in dog behaviour and training services. This helps Perth dog owners with behavioural issues and so much more.




Northern Suburbs Training & Obedience Dog Club

NSTOBDC is the go-to dog club for dog training in the suburbs. They offer a huge obedience class almost every Sunday morning at the Carine Open Space situated on the corner of Okely and Beach Road. They also offer Dances with Dogs and Agility classes during the week.


They have a great focus on rewards-based training methods which are proven to help dogs learn faster and better. They also offer a variety of great pet items from their van on Sunday mornings. All you need to do is ensure that you’re signed up 48 hours before the class.




Midland Dog Training Club

The Midland Dog Training Club was formed all the way back in 1997. The aim here is to provide pet training to the community while also helping out anyone in obedience competition further their own personal skills. Since its inception, it has grown at its permanent home of Jack Mann Oval.


Now, it offers an extensive range of classes including rally obedience, obedience, advanced jumping, and dances with dogs.




Kaizen K9

Kaizen K9 are said to be one of the most experienced dog training teams that you will ever be able to find in Perth. The owners, Ben and Samantha, have over 25 years of combined experience which makes them stand out when people are looking for the best dog training possible for their canine companions. These awesome trainers use modern and kind techniques in order to address a huge variety of issues you may be having with your dog.


This includes, but isn’t limited to aggression, unruly behaviour, lead-pulling, separation anxiety, and even jumping on people. If you have any doubts at all, you will be happy to know that their dog training is so good that they are able to work with both military and police dogs.


This means that they are more than equipped to sort out your pups’ issues!




Dog Whispering

Dog Whispering is the great creation of Neri Karazija. Neri began this business after travelling around Australia back in 2015 before settling in the Perth area. Every single year, she heads to the UK in order to spend quality time with the famous wolf behaviourists Sean and Kim Ellis. 


This just further proves that she really does know her stuff. She is extremely passionate about all canines no matter their age, shape, or size. Together with the entire Dog Whispering team, they offer a great variety of courses in the Perth area and eastern suburbs. 


These courses include Puppy Training, Behaviour Solutions, In-Home Training, and so much more.




Perth Paws Dog Training

The owner of Perth Paws, Emma and Susan, are very experienced dog trainers. They have been working with canine companions for around 15 years in a huge variety of different forms. To this day, they attend courses from plenty of the world’s best dog trainers. 


They offer Social Walks, Puppy Classes, Walks and Trains, and In-Home Consults. They also use reward-based training without any intimidation or force to ensure that your pup is always treated well and cared for. All of the information you need is on their clear website. 


All you need to do is check out the Perth Paws Dog Training website today to learn more!

Dog Training Perth



Are you an owner of an unruly pup or an older dog? If so, the excellent trainers listed above can help you out with ease! Your pup will be learning and getting better in no time at all.

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