Dog Parks in Perth

 In this piece, we are going to share with you a great list of amazing dog parks in Perth where your pooch will absolutely thrive. If you’re a Perth local with a canine companion, it can be hard to get out and about with your dog and feel safe. However, at these dog parks, it isn’t difficult for your pooch to feel safe and right at home.

No matter where you live, it will only ever be a small amount of travel, if any, to reach a good, fenced-in, and safe dog park where your dog can truly let loose and adventure. These dog parks come in many different shapes and sizes depending on what is best for your pet. From spacious dog runs to lovely waterside fenced parks and then to quiet, lesser-known areas, Perth really is jam-packed with great locations for your dog to play.

You haven’t even seen the end of it with more planned to come to fruition throughout Perth. Many dog parks offer a safe, community feel for you and your pet. On top of all this, a dog park is a great place for your dog to meet other pups while you socialize with other humans.It really is a win-win situation. If you’re looking for somewhere safe for your dog to play, make sure you check out our extensive list of dog parks below. Let’s go!


Fenced Dog Parks in Perth 


Yarra Vista Dog Park


At the Yarra Vista Dog Park, you can enjoy shade, agility equipment, fenced in areas, and even seating. This spot is most certainly worth visiting with your canine companion. Located just off of Dean Street, you will find that this park is a hive of activity on the weekends.

This is why it is the perfect spot for your furry companion to make some great doggo friends of their own.


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Carrington Road Enclosed Dog Park


This spot in Nedlands offers a super safe, fenced-off area so that your canine companion and kids can enjoy a nice play without anyone escaping. At the Carrington Road Dog Park, you will find plenty of lovely trees and picnic benches that will aid you in having a whole day of fun.


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Minim Cove

Mosman Park

If your pups enjoy chilling out or playing in the water, you have to check out Minim Cove in Mosman Park. This cute little outlet is a part of the Swan River and has an off-lead dog park, shade, BBQs, and plenty of sand for your dogs to play in.


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Inglewood Dog Park


This awesome spot is complete with jumping logs, sand pits, grassy areas, and even water bowls, the Inglewood Dog Park is completely fenced off to ensure that your canine companions are completely safe. You can put your feet up under the shaded gazebo and watch your dog play until it is ready for a sleep!


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Aveley Dog Adventure Park


This park is certainly one that is worth travelling for. The Aveley Dog Adventure Park is jam-packed full of amazing things for both small and large dogs. They can enjoy water fountains, agility equipment, and seats for you to relax on while your pup plays.


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Attadale Reserve


The Attadale Reserve is a huge space for your doggo to run and play for as long as they please. There is plenty of space for them to make friends and interact with a variety of different dogs. If making new friends is your goal, this place is great for you and your dog.

Thus enclosed dog park is the perfect dog exercise area for both dogs and dog owners. 


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Jack Marks Park


This cute little park based in Highgate really is a pet lover’s dream. Jack Marks Park is entirely enclosed with plenty of room for both small and medium dogs to enjoy a good run around. Here, you will find plenty of shade, spacious park benches, a water bowl, a community toy box, and an entirely fenced in playground to separate the fur children from the human children.

While you’re there, grab a nice coffee from Lincoln’s 102 and you’ve set yourself up for the perfect day.


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DeLacey Reserve


When people aren’t occupying the area to play, dogs are more than welcome to come and roam DeLacey Reserve in Maylands. There is plenty of room here for dogs of all shapes and sizes to stretch their legs and enjoy each other’s company. Just ensure that you bring along some balls or a frisbee alongside some water for your pooch.

There is even a playground here for the kids!



Peace Park


Peace Park in Parmelia is made up of two different parks that are dedicated to small dogs and big dogs. This way, you don’t have to worry about big dogs and small dogs trying to interact without harm to one another. There are also so many sheltered areas and a small obstacle course for canine companions to enjoy.


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Riverside Gardens


This is one of the very best dog parks in all of Perth. If you are yet to enjoy a nice doggy play date here, you really should. The Riverside Gardens in Bayswater have plenty of beautiful walking tracks, open grassy spaces, and some frontage of the Swan River.

You can also grab a picnic at Smoult’s to truly make your day a winner from the start.

Read our review of Bayswater Riverside Gardens Playground


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Bold Park

City Beach 

Bold Park is the very best place to take your canine companion. The only thing to remember here is that your dog must stay on the leash. It is the perfect place for both you and your pup to get some exercise.


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Sir James Mitchell Park

South Perth 

This spot offers up a pretty insane view of the gorgeous Perth skyline. Sir James Mitchell Park is great for doggy play dates with friends for many reasons. Make sure you grab a coffee on the way and let your canine companion set off on an adventure.

This place also has a really cool playground for kids.

Read our review Sir James Mitchell Park Playground


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Charles Veryard Reserve

North Perth

This is yet another spot to enjoy some unleashed fun with your dog. The Charles Veryard Reserve is specifically reserved for dogs on the east side. It has seating, water bowls, toilets, and a super nice café nearby.


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Whiteman Park Dog Park


Your dog will be super happy at this park! The Whiteman Dog Park expands over 2.5 hectares of space and is completely fenced in with an awesome obstacle course. This spot has specifically been designed for dogs.

There’s plenty of shade here with clean water bowls, walking paths, and a separate area for smaller dogs and puppies. Whiteman Park dogs are usually very well behaved so you don’t have to be worried taking your pooch there off-leash.

Read our review of Whiteman Park Dog Park


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Annie’s Landing Dog Park


This super cool spot has so much agility equipment for your pup to play on. At Annie’s Landing Dog Park, your canine companion will be climbing, weaving, and scampering back and forth and up and down. There is plenty of space here for them to run, jump, and play as they please until they are all tuckered out.

Just remember that this park doesn’t have specific areas for different-sized dogs, so your dog needs to be well-socialized. There are some very nice, shaded areas here too!


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Dianella Dog Park


This dog park is full of all the goodies that you could ever dream of in a dog park. Here, you can find water fountains, agility equipment, picnic tables, shade, and plenty of room for dogs to run around. You are also situated next to plenty of open space and bushland to keep you entertained and introduce your dog to new landscapes.

You can also walk your dog off the leash at this location. However, there are many little creatures in this area, so just make sure that your dogs are easy to control. Dianella Dog Park is a super good location as long as you respect the general rules.


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John Dunn Memorial Dog Park


The John Dunn Memorial Dog Park really kicks things up a notch when it comes to its three different sections. This location has one section for small dogs, one section for medium dogs, and one section for large dogs. This is perhaps why so many people consider it the best dog park in Perth.

Your dog will enjoy the lush green grass to roll on and the white sand to dig in. There is also plenty of shade in the area and water nearby. If your dog is ready, you can hop on and try out the agility equipment to keep your dog’s mind going. The dog area really is spectacular.


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Beecroft Park Perth

City Beach

This gorgeous and leafy park, known as Beecroft Park, is based in City Beach. It really is one of the most ideal spots for doggy play dates in Perth. Your dogs can enjoy frolicking throughout the shady park while you grab some goods from the nearby spots such as The Groper & His Wife, Fat Fish Ramen, Acai Brothers, and Park & Vine.


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Jorgensen Park


If you’re a pooch owner in Perth, you have to do the Jorgensen Park Walk. This amazing 2.3km loop offers plenty of wide-open spaces and even wanders on part of the Bibbulmun Track. There is enough space for your dog to have a little run and play off the leash.

Before you head home, stop by one of the nearby cafés for a quick pick-me-up.


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Do you think your canine companion would enjoy going out and socializing with friends? If so, you have to check out the awesome dog parks listed above! These enclosed dog exercise areas and dog friendly parks are so beautiful and will bring a lot of fun for your canine companion.

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