The Bird, Fish and Reptile Place is a Garden Centre and pet supply store in Wattle Grove. While it’s a popular place to pick up some crazy crabs for the kids, what makes it a little different from other pet and garden stores are the huge garden statues which kids will love!

It was the beginning of school holidays, and we needed to get out of the house and take a drive, so we headed here for some low cost fun.

On walking in, we were greeted by a huge T-Rex! Miss 4.5 thought this was amazing, and posed as it towered over her. This front section also included a large lizard, a tiger, a lamb, sheep and pigs, and a lady gnome. Miss 4.5 was also very taken with the fountain – what kid wouldn’t be on a hot day!

Walking through the Bird, Fish and Reptile Place, we passed banks of fish tanks full of tropical fish, guinea pigs and some birds. Coming outside into the garden area, we were met with more parrots, some in cages waiting to go to new homes and others in aviaries. We particularly loved seeing the black cockatoos up close, as we often see these beautiful birds fly over or feasting in the trees in our nearby parks. Miss 4.5 also loved seeing the chickens which are also for sale, as she’d love to have chickens at home. They all gathered at the front of the aviary hoping she had food to share.

Walking through the garden areas, we found more statues. The huge gorilla was a big hit! Miss 4.5 was able to sit up in his hand.

We also found a tiger, which Miss 4.5 insisted was a “mummy tiger”, a llama, a wolf, frogs, a smaller gorilla and native animals. There was even a thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger).

The shark was great for posing with a big, wide shark tooth smile!

We also found more dinosaurs, a triceratops and an ankylosaurus. Miss 4.5 wondered if they might eat her! No, not a veggie-saurus. They don’t eat people!

Across a bridge, down near more aviaries, we found a huge monitor lizard and a turtle, similar to those found at the zoo.

Back inside, we followed the sound of squawking and chatter and found a stunning blue and yellow macaw. While there are no signs we could see to say it, I’d suggest watching little fingers as this one didn’t seem to want to be petted – fair enough too!

To finish up our visit, we bought an ice cream from the freezer just by the cash register.

All up, our visit to The Bird, Fish and Reptile Place just cost a little petrol for the drive and an ice cream, and we had lots of fun exploring and finding all the big statues, talking to the birds and checking out the fish. If you’re after a low-budget outing, a visit to The Bird, Fish and Reptile Place is a great option.

The Bird, Fish and Reptile Place:

Located on the corner of Welshpool and Lewis Roads, Wattle Grove.

The Bird, Fish and Reptile Place is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm, and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

Why not combine a visit to The Bird, Fish and Reptile Place with a stop at Dawson’s Garden World and Cafe in nearby Forrestfield. It’s a 5 minute drive away and kids will love looking for the fairies and riding the merry-go-round.

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