Froth Craft Brewery, Exmouth

If you are ever visiting the town centre of Exmouth, then you would have probably come across this fabulous, family-friendly brewery. Froth Craft Brewery has only been in operation for about a year and a half now, but it seems they have made a great name for themselves.

As we entered, I noticed a large blackboard which was full of upcoming events, theme nights and local talent upcoming performances/gigs. One of the events that stood out to me, was the nightly pop up outdoor cinema that they play kids movies on.

Froth Craft Brewery, Exmouth

This place has a great outdoor kids area, complete with astroturf, recycled pallet lounges, a toy box with a range of different toys and even a raised up drink holder so the little ones don’t knock them over while playing…such a great idea!

Froth Craft Brewery, Exmouth Froth Craft Brewery, Exmouth Froth Craft Brewery, Exmouth

Inside you will find lots of natural wooden features and a beautifully painted mural on the wall. Miss 4 thought the soccer table was amazing and spent the entire 2 hours playing on it.

Froth Craft Brewery, Exmouth Froth Craft Brewery, Exmouth

They serve a large range of food, including a kids menu, and brew a lot of their own beer. There is tasting paddles for those of you who like to try to the whole range.

If you are a sports fan (go Eagles!) they have a few large screen TVs dotted around the seating areas.

Froth Craft Brewery, Exmouth

One thing that seemed to be quite popular, was the $20 spinning wheel. The rules are simple, hand over $20 and take a spin of the wheel, whatever it lands on, is the prize you win. Everyone was obviously taking their chance to win the highest prize of 6 pints of your choice.

Froth Craft Brewery, Exmouth

The staff are very friendly and the service is fantastic, such a great addition to the this small town. I am sure we will be visiting here again before we leave.

Froth Craft Brewery, Exmouth

Froth Craft Brewery

5 Kennedy St, Exmouth
(08) 9949 1451

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