Greens Pool Denmark

William Bay Beaches – The Great Southern town of Denmark is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in Western Australia. In particular, the William Bay area is dotted with stunning swimming spots which are also family friendly. We spent a sunny afternoon discovering the beaches at William Bay. 

William Bay Beaches Denmark


Greens Pool
One of the most popular spots is the picturesque Greens Pool which is just about as picture perfect as any beach could be. From the car park, there is about a 2-minute walk down some steep steps to Greens Pool. In the carpark there are toilets, the only toilets in this area, making Greens Pool the most convenient spot for young families.

greens pool denmark

This beach is very popular with the families of small children as it’s sheltered from the waves of the Great Southern Ocean by huge granite boulders. The calm turquoise waters make a stunning natural swimming pool and it’s a great spot for a snorkel too. 

 Greens Pool Denmark


Elephant Rocks
Take the graded gravel road from Greens Pool to Elephant Rocks, which is another stunning spot, named after the massive granite rocks that look just like a herd of elephants. There’s a gravel path from the carpark, which takes about 5 minutes to walk to the beach. First, you’ll see the rocks, and that’s a great spot for a few photos. 

Elephant Rocks Denmark

Further down the gravel path is a steep staircase to Elephant Cove, walk through a narrow crevice between two giant rocks and you’ll come out at another little beach. This beach is known to have sudden surges, especially at high tide, so be careful when swimming with younger children. 

Elephant Rocks Denmark
Elephant Rocks Denmark

Elephant Rocks Denmark


Mad Fish Bay
A little further down the gravel track is Mad Fish Bay, where the waves lap the sand from two different directions. We stayed a little longer here and enjoyed a bit of fishing off the rocks.

Madfish Bay denmark

Our host Warren, at Misty Valley Country Cottages, recommended this bay to us as it’s a popular fishing spot. You’ll find schools of whiting, bream and salmon. 

Madfish Bay denmark

We walked around the corner to a little cove, where the boys set up their rods on a big rock. Little Chef was really excited to catch a flathead, though it was a bit too small and got thrown back. 

Madfish Bay denmark

I left the boys to it and went exploring around the shallow rocky bay. It’s pretty safe, but watch out for slippery rocks. It was an absolutely perfect afternoon for beach hopping! 

Madfish Bay denmark

Find William Bay Beaches off William Bay Road, Shadforth, Denmark

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