Chainsaw Sculpture Drive Albany

You may have heard of the National Anzac Museum, the Brig Amity or the Historic Whaling Station, but if you’re looking for something more unique to do with your children down in Albany this summer, then add the Chainsaw Sculpture Drive to your Albany bucket list.

Located roughly 20 minutes out of the Albany town centre, there is an incredible sculpture trial, open from 8am- 6pm on the artist’s personal property.

I know what you’re probably thinking, a bunch of trees being cut into pictures with chainsaws, but wow, this was next-level talent and exceeded both us adults and our three children’s expectations.

Chainsaw Sculpture Drive Albany

We spent a good half hour touring the property and we honestly could have gone around again a second time if we had more time up our sleeve!

From spotting a gigantic Ned Kelly and Grandfather clock to hidden birds and faces, it makes for fantastic family fun, especially on the more miserable days as you don’t leave the car.

Chainsaw Sculpture Drive Albany

With more sculptures continually being added by the artist Darrel Radcliffe, you will be amazed by the hundreds of big and small art pieces.

With an honesty box located on the driveway, it is free for children to visit and then there with a small cash fee of $5 per adult, which was well worth the money for the pure enjoyment we all had.

Albany Chainsaw Sculptures Drive is located at 333 Mercer Road Albany


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