Roar Bar and Grill has outdone itself again, this time with the latest addition of their creative play area, which is thoughtfully planned for kids of all ages.

Welcome to Lenny’s Lane!

Located inside Roar Bar and Grill, it’s in the outdoor green area just beside their popular outdoor sand playground.

Lenny’s Lane features a Hospital, Police and Fireman Station, Hair Salon, Diner, Lenny’s House and even a Builders’ Workshop!

Of course, my girls headed straight to the hair salon! You will be surprised by how much effort Roar Bar and Grill has put into creating an actual working and safe place for the kids to pretend play in their own creative imagination! The attention to detail is remarkable! They try to include real-life products and also plenty of pretend play toys to make it as fun for the kids to interact and play.

The Diner was one of the kids favourites. They played with the coffee machine and the old-school cashier.

The Fireman and Police Station even has a fireman pole in it! The kids can get upstairs to dress up in their Fireys costume, and there is a prison cell as well! They can also hop onto one of the kids’ ride-on cars and drive around chasing everyone!

The kids got to dress up as doctors at the Hospital. There was even a hospital bed and a kids’ wheelchair for them to use in their role-playing.

The girls pretended to be mums at Lenny’s House. They cooked and cleaned in there and played on the baby’s piano. It’s great that the ceiling is tall enough for parents to get in as well and play with the kids.

There was so much to see and do at the Builder’s Workshop. The kids got to play with the toy power tools. There were also 2 huge interactive wall panels inside, so the kids didn’t have to fight over them.

And if they have had enough of Lenny’s Lane, they can continue their play at the wooden fort sand playground and the big inflatable jumping pillow!

When the night falls, Lenny’s Lane lights up and brightens up for them to continue their magical play!

The area is set up beautifully with an artificial green lawn and plenty of sail shades for cover. There are lots of dining tables available in the green area, so you can grab a drink or a meal and watch over the kids while they play. It is a fenced area, so parents need not worry about kids roaming elsewhere.

We enjoyed our toasted marshmallows at one of their fire pits. The fire pits are available to hire for 2 hours for family to enjoy during the cooler nights and it even includes a s’mores pack!

Roar Bar and Grill has a new and improved menu now which includes their new peri-peri chicken board platters. The adults tried it and it was so delicious! There is a selection of choices for the kids on their kids’ menu as well!  The kids had the beef slider with chips kids’ meal. Good portion serving for the hungry kids.

They do cater for kids’ birthday party and be sure to check out their what’s on page regularly as well!

Roar Bar and Grill


Located in Roar Active Bibra Lake

Address: 23 Port Kembla Dr, Bibra Lake WA 6163

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