Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury is a must visit for families with kids of all ages.  

There’s a very clear message throughout the centre… Dolphins belong in the Ocean!  The Dolphin Discovery Centre is proudly a not for profit organisation, that is; any profit goes back into the centre.


After a major upgrade in Dec 2018 the interpretive experience has expanded to include a larger range of aquariums, touch pool and many learning opportunities with interactive displays and activities.

The kids loved the small aquariums and knowledge boards around the main interpretive centre.  The cylindrical tank was a firm favourite which had puffer fish and stingrays inside.

The touch pool was also popular with the kids who can hold shells, starfish and other marine life.  The kids got to ask all sorts of questions about the items in the pool and spent most of their here fascinated by how starfish live.

        Another favourite was the kinetic sand where you can change the shape of the landscape which shows up in various colours.

The huge magnifying glass was also popular, with many different shells and fossils to check out on the big screen.  The displays are very interactive so great for kids of all ages to play with and explore.


As you move through the displays you’ll come to the “DESIGN YOUR OWN DOLPHIN” activity where kids can draw and colour in their own dolphin designs.  

The kids then scan their designs on the computer scanner and they are uploaded to the main display screen for all to see.

No aquarium is complete without NEMO and DORY!

My daughter loved seeing the Sea Horses, they’re soooo tiny!!!

 We nearly missed the underwater cinema dome thing!  You get to lie down for a bit and soak in the delights of watching the dolphins and fish swim around you. 

 There’s also a short documentary to watch, again easily missed if you don’t know it’s there at the back of the aquarium. We love this idea of adopting a Dolphin, such a great idea for a meaningful present for a child and to educate them on the Ocean.

As we came out of the Aquarium there’s a toy shop with all the usual cuddly toys and merchandise to make your trip a memorable one 

There’s a huge restaurant/cafe overlooking the beach and ocean and the menu looked amazing, as well as the fresh pastries and cakes in the display fridge.


Whilst in the centre we heard a loud bell and saw lots of people rush outside to the beach… this means there are Dolphins near the foreshore directly outside of the centre.   The Dolphins come in very close to the shore so you’ll be sure to get a good look and picture opportunities. There’s no charge to see the wild Dolphins as they come and go as they please.  They typically see more Dolphins in the morning so plan your visit accordingly. The Dolphin Discovery Centre conducts feeding under regulation from the Department of Parks and Wildlife.  This feeding regime is strictly controlled and limited to 350 grams of fish per day.  This is a small amount given that, in order to survive, a dolphin in these waters needs approximately 8-14 kilograms of fish a day. The fish offered to the dolphins is local to the Bay and therefore of the same type that the dolphins catch themselves.


Dolphin Eco Cruise

The Dolphin Eco Cruises run all year round and are weather dependent.  The Dolphin Eco Cruise is for one and a half hours within Koombana Bay. The team will introduce you to the local Bottlenose dolphins as they interact in their natural environment.

Dolphin Discovery Centre Bunbury

Dolphin Discovery Centre Bunbury

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