Kuljak Island, Ascot

If you’re looking for a quiet bushwalk without venturing too far from the city why not check out Kuljak Island. Admittedly I’d never heard of it until a few days ago (despite living in Perth my whole life!) but it’s a real hidden gem.

Kuljak Island, Ascot
The island itself was man-made in the 90’s during the construction of the Ascot Waters development, however, the wetlands surrounding it give a glimpse into what the Swan River looked like pre-settlement before it was dredged for boat channels. One of the reasons this island was created was so the view from Tranby House on the other side of the river would be more in keeping with the outlook the original Tranby House residents would have witnessed, masking any modern developments.

Kuljak Island, Ascot
Two pathways are circling the island. A bitumen path sits high on the island and is perfect for cycling or scootering. Down towards the water, there is a gravel path suitable for mountain bikes. Both paths are pram friendly.

Kuljak Island, Ascot

The centre of the island is raised and grassed with a big roley-poley hill in the centre! The edges of the island are shaded by trees with several bench seats and picnic tables available. Unfortunately, there is no BBQ’s or toilets (though these can be found just down the road at Adachi Park).

Kuljak Island, Ascot
It’s such a quiet spot, it amazing to think you’re so close to the city. It’s so relaxing just sitting on the grass watching boats go by, or spotting herons wading through the wetlands. We only saw a handful of people when we visited, it truly felt like we had the whole island to ourselves!

Kuljak Island, Ascot

Access to the island by car is via Tidewater Way, a small car park is on the island. Or by foot using the pedestrian bridge at the end of Samphire Street in Ascot.

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