kalbarri skywalk

If you’re looking for an amazing view, look no further than the Kalbarri Skywalk in Western Australia. Located within the Kalbarri National Park, 6 hours drive from Perth in the Coral Coast region, the Sky walk is a must-see for any visitors to the area.

Located approximately 500 kilometres north of Perth, Kalbarri sits on the traditional lands of the Nanda people in the Yamaji region of Western Australia. The Nanda people have inhabited this land for over 40,000 years and their culture and heritage are an important part of Kalbarri’s history.

Located 37kms from the town of Kalbarri, the Inyaka Wookai Watju site (the west loop) is home to the Kalbarri Skywalk, a $24 million project that allows visitors to look down into the gorge from two 100-metre-high lookout points. The steel mesh flooring provides a safe and unobstructed view of the stunning natural surroundings. The walkway takes you out over the edge of a cliff, providing breathtaking views of the scenery of the surrounding area.

kalbarri skywalk

What is the Kalbarri Skywalk?

The Kalbarri Skywalk is a cantilevered walkway in Western Australia. It opened in June 2020 and provides stunning views of the Kalbarri National Park. The sky walk is made up of a series of metal grates and is suspended 100 metres above the gorges below, making it one of the highest skywalks in Australia. Visitors can enjoy views of the Murchison river gorge plus the park’s wildflowers, wildlife and the rust-red sandstone rock formations from the safety of the walkway.
kalbarri skywalk

How long is the Kalbarri Skywalk?

The Skywalk is a 60 metre long loop walk, featuring twin viewing platforms, which is universally accessible for people of all ages and abilities. The entire Skywalk area is stroller and wheelchair friendly, with flat expansive footpaths everywhere, which is awesome as other nearby attractions, such as Nature’s Window, are not.

A winding path leads to the first lookout. Along the path are many sculptures of local animals, such as emus and thorny devils, keep your eyes peeled for small sculptures in the shrub, they look real! The footpath itself is adorned with interpretive signage and artwork informing you of the heritage and culture of the local Nanda people. Visitors can also learn about the area’s geological and biological history through signage around the skywalk.
kalbarri skywalk
kalbarri skywalk
Once you get to the first lookout you’ll see what the fuss is about, from 100m above the Murchison River the views are breathtakingly expansive and the scale is phenomenal. The second lookout at the end of the winding footpath has equally spectacular views. Visitors can also learn about the area’s geological and biological history through signage around the skywalk. 

How far is Kalbarri Skywalk from car park?

The Skywalk has a large car park, the entrance is marked by information signage. The entrance to the Skywalk an easy two-minute, 150 metre walk from the car park along a paved walkway.
kalbarri skywalk

Are there Facilities at the Skywalk?

At the centre of the skywalk precinct, is the Skywalk kiosk, which is open from 8am-3pm every day, serving cold drinks, coffees and light lunches. A small selection of giftware is also available. Next to the kiosk is an interactive display educating visitors about the traditional owners, the Nanda people, and their history.
There are two toilet blocks on site but no rubbish bins, so you must take all your rubbish with you. 

How much is the Kalbarri Skywalk?

The Skywalk itself is free, however, you do have to purchase a national park pass to enter Kalbarri National Park which is $15 per vehicle per day or $8 concession. Passes can be purchased from the Kalbarri Visitor Centre, WA Parks and Wildlife head quarters or the entry fee station when you enter the inland river gorge national park. However, if you’re planning on spending some time in the area, it’s worth considering purchasing an annual National Park Pass. This will allow you free entry into all of the national parks in Western Australia, which means big savings if you’re planning on doing some exploring.

Is the road to Kalbarri Skywalk sealed?

Yes the road to the Skywalk is sealed and is suitable for all vehicle types including campervans. Caravans are not permitted in the car park but there is an area where you can unhitch just after you’ve passed the park office. However, please be aware that spaces are limited.

When is Kalbarri Skywalk open?

Kalbarri Skywalk is open all year round! The Kalbarri Skywalks, and all the inland gorge sites located inside the Kalbarri National Park, are open from 6 am to 6 pm every day. 


Is the Kalbarri Sky walk worth visiting?

Absolutely! The Kalbarri Skywalk is a must-visit for any nature lover. Situated in the stunning Kalbarri National Park, the skywalk offers breathtaking views of the surrounding cliffs, gorges and rivers.

The skywalk itself is a work of art, with its sleek design, cantilevered steel structures, and glass panels that offer unobstructed views. It’s also very safe, with a solid railing to protect visitors from any potential dangers.

Overall, the Kalbarri Skywalk is an incredible experience that should not be missed. The views are simply breathtaking and it’s a great way to appreciate the beauty of nature.
kalbarri skywalk

Tips for visiting the Skywalk

Here are some tips to make your visit to the Kalbarri Skywalk enjoyable:

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing.
  • The skywalk is located in a bushland area, so you may encounter some wildlife along the way.
  • Bring plenty of water and sunscreen, as it can get very hot during the day.
  • Start your walk early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the heat of the day. There is no shade anywhere on the skywalk and it can be up to 10 degrees hotter out at the gorges than in Kalbarri townsite.
  • The flies can be pretty annoying so fly nets can come in handy.
  • Take your time to take in the views from different lookout points along the way.
  • The best time to visit is at sunrise or sunset.
  • Don’t forget to take lots of photos!

Skywalk Kalbarri Information

Kalbarri National Park entry fees: 15 per vehicle

Opening hours: 6 am – 6pm

Location: West Loop Lookout Road, Kalbarri National Park WA 6536


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