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Not long ago, the city was the only place where you could enjoy the best cuisine from some of Western Australia’s culinary talent. However, this is now spreading over the areas surrounding Perth and places like Karrinyup Shopping Centre are beginning to boom! In fact, the West Deck here offers up some pretty insane dining experiences to ensure that your meal is simply unforgettable.

If you’re looking to treat your taste buds, make sure you check out the locations below around Karrinyup Shopping Centre’s West Deck!


West Deck, Karrinyup Shopping Centre


Good Company

Good Company is a super cool venue that comes from the clever group behind venues such as The Elford and The Camfield. This spot is helmed by the energetic and purely passionate chef Ben Keal. This excellent venue is home to an impressive variety of fruity cocktails, well-brewed beers, and smooth wines accompanied by a menu of pub classics.

This excellent location is always pumping out legendary pizzas from its pizza ovens, as well as great nibbles and hearty mains. You can expect some pretty flavoursome and delicious food from this spot. Better yet, this spot also offers up an alfresco area where you can sit and enjoy live music or watch sports on the large screen.

This pub is situated in an ideal location and offers up a lot to visitors.



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Arirang Korean BBQ

The team at Arirang are no strangers to dishing up some pretty insane authentic Korean meals. Since its inception in 1999, Arirang has made quite the name for itself. First opening with locations in Cannington and Barrack Street, this spot has just grown, grown, and grown.

After taking over in 2001 from his uncle, Daniel Yu began to oversee the running of the busy restaurant venues. As the owner, he saw the businesses go from strength to strength and then land on the West Deck at this awesome shopping centre. Although known for the Korean BBQ options on the menu, this venue also offers up noodles, soups, and so much more.

It is definitely the spot you will want to go to when you can’t be bothered cooking dinner! It has a great kids menu


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O Mare Mio

O Mare Mio is essentially a vibey Amalfi coast restaurant that serves up fresh, tasty, and cost-effective Australian seafood. This spot offers up pasta, Italian secondi, Neopolitan wood-fired pizzas, and more served up with a great selection of international and local wines. Similar to a trattoria in Portofino, this spot has a stunning alfresco dining area.

It is the ideal place to sit back and relax for a while. Just make sure you check out the delicious dessert menu! It is very much worth it!


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Little Laika

Laika Coffee in Lathlain has the best little sister venue in Karrinyup known lovingly as Little Laika. This excellent little family friendly coffee shop serves up traditional barista coffees along with a rotating batch brew or single-origin filter coffee. No matter what you need, Little Laika truly has all of your deepest coffee needs sorted.

Not only do they sort out your caffeine needs, but they also have plenty of brunch favourites and newbies including chilli crab scrambled eggs and pulled pork eggs benny. This spot also offers up great burgers, pastas, and salad. No matter who you are, Little Laika has something just for you!


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Super Tetsudo

Super Tetsudo is a very cutting-edge Kaiten-style sushi train situated on the West Deck. This spot offers up some absolutely delicious and affordable noodles, sushi, and ride dishes that are delivered to your table either by high-speed trains or cool robot waiters. This venue has been greatly inspired by the boutique sushi shops found within Japan.

In fact, the owner, Kenny Lim, spent two long years planning his state-of-the-art restaurant concept before he finally decided that it was ready to see the light of day. He said that he was glued to making the restaurant something new and bold. He also takes time to ensure people that while technology is premier, the restaurant would not function without the hard work of the Chefs.

If you want to avoid the queue, make sure you get there early!


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John Parker, a third-generation publican (The Standard, The Royal, and Fleur) has now opened the group’s very first suburban dining venue. Dandelion is a cool two-storey bar and micro-distillery that specialises uniquely in homemade vodka and gin. Dandelion is also the home of stunning cuisine with a sun-soaked balcony, bars on both levels, and a rustic lounge area with a wood fire.

When it comes to good, the Head Chef, Chase Weber, offers up fresh and flavourful menu items inspired by South-East Asian culture. You can enjoy a massive range of sharing options ranging from smoky large plates to small bites with a bit of zest. Most of the items on the menu feature a “touch of fire” from the open coal grill and an interesting wok station.


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Pretzel came from very humble beginnings after opening and running out of a shipping container based in Northbridge. However, these days, Pretzel has over eight new locations that have opened over a two-year period. This awesome spot offers some pretty cool savoury and sweet artisanal soft pretzels based on the New York City Subway Station classics.

This venue, based in Karrinyup offers the classic sugar and salt toppings, but it also offers so much more. You will also find three-cheese pepperoni, Oreo, and peanut butter on the menu! Think of sauces such as nacho cheese, American Mustard, Nutella, and even white chocolate!

These delicious treats are also super instagrammable if that is what you’re after. Make sure you check it out for delicious and great-looking eats!


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Hermanos en Tacos

When Hermanos en Cantina in Beaufort Street absolutely took off, the owners knew that they had to continue their exciting, tasty, and new taqueria in a new location. Hermanos en Tacos is famous for its signature pulled pork carnitas and slow-cooked beef brisket carnitas. Siri Solumsmoen and Stuart Bernstein, the Tex-Mex aficionados, offer up a delicious twist on some classic Tex-Mex flavours that you will absolutely love.

At this spot, you will find plenty of vegan and non-vegan options for all of your cravings. Fancy a margarita or ice-cold beer? The team will have you sorted.


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Billy Van Creamy

Friendly staff and delicious ice cream? We think yes! This Perth creamery started by Alex and Mitchell Wells’ is here to bring back some childhood nostalgia just for you!

Founded back in 2014, Billy Van Creamy is proud to hand-make the very best classic ice cream using raw cane sugar and organic dairy. Say goodbye to artificial colours and stabilisers when you visit this great destination. The Wells brothers also use only the freshest fruits, herbs, and nuts to create their delicious and unique flavours for the public.


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The British Chippy

Are you a homesick Brit looking to enjoy some real, old-school fish and chops? If so, The British Chippy is exactly where you need to go to feel right at home. These guys seriously know how to serve up some seriously good fish and chips in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Using local West Australian potatoes to create their hand-cut ship and recycling oil in fryers to be used in biofuel, these guys know what it means to be a business that makes a difference. When it comes to side options, you can enjoy classics such as curry sauces, mushy peas, and some sliced white bread.


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Spice Market

This spot is inspired by the buzz and vibrancy of the south-east Asian market culture. Spice Market is a super cool location that delivers some pretty amazing and authentic Thai flavours to make your tastebuds dance. The menu here is loaded with spices, fruits, and other zesty delights that you will absolutely love.

Each dish on the menu is full of unique flavours straight from the Asian subtropics. Expect meals such as whole steamed Barramundi, rich, spicy curries, and stir fries with a whole lot of flavour. The team here will also serve you some colourful and interesting cocktails to wash down your mouth-watering meal!

The aromas floating down the West Deck will definitely lure you into this venue!


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Topi Restaurant

This beautiful restaurant blossomed from the mind of restaurateur and Sauma chef Gurps Bagga. Topi is a very flavoursome and colourful showcase of all of India’s regional cuisines. Once Bagga realised the importance of produce and climate limitations in creating these flavours from India, he was consumed by the idea of regenerative farming.

From there, he began to use Western Australian produce. Now, he produces delicious fish curries with Shark Bay Barramundi, and even uses fresh turmeric from Manjimup to create the signature margarita on the menu. Topi is the ideal destination for a group of people to bond and enjoy some great food.


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Baguette Me Not

Once only a farmer’s market item, this spot quickly became one of the most popular lunch bars in the CBD. Now, it is so popular, it has been able to expand over to Karrinyup Shopping Centre’s West Deck! People love this spot for all the right reasons.

The menu here is inspired by traditional Vietnamese street food. There is even a contemporary rendition of classic banh mi and steamed bao on this menu! Make sure you get in quick to avoid the line! Baguette Me Not is a must-visit venue. It is one of the best restaurants on the West Deck!


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If you’re visiting Karrinyup Shopping Centre, make sure you head out to the West Deck to take your pick of multiple different and equally excellent venues! Make sure you come back and tell us about your experience in the comments below!



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