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Getting locked in an Escape Room is a whole heap of family fun! At Escape This, in the heart of Northbridge, there are loads of different escape room challenges to choose from. Perfect for older children, themed escape rooms come with a scenario and many brain teasing games to complete in order to unlock the door.

We were there to solve the shenanigans in their brand-new pirate-themed room. On arrival, we checked in on their touch screens and locked away our phones, smart watches and bags in a secure locker. There’s no cheating here!

Then one of the friendly hosts gave us a brief explanation of how the rooms work. She led us through the mysterious corridor, with closed doors leading to many themed rooms. Harry Potter fans will love the Wizards Chamber, there’s also a bank heist room and also plenty of spooky/horror themed rooms that are more suited to older teens and adults.

The Pirate Island room is wonderfully themed on the outside, complete with sounds of seagulls and the ocean. It certainly sets the scene for the hour ahead. We have 60 minutes to complete all the puzzles and challenges in the room. Knowing that some teams have escaped in 40 minutes made us want to try to break the record.

There’s not a lot I can tell you about the actual room, as I think the best thing about it is the complete unknown. But be ready to get your thinking caps on to crack codes, search high and low for hidden clues and expect the unexpected. We got a little stuck halfway through. Since the room is constantly being monitored by CCTV, all we had to do was wave at the camera and a helpful hint was given. We only had to do this once!

We were so excited to beat the room time record, solving all the puzzles in just 38 mins. It was a fun-filled 38 minutes, lovely the way the kids and adults all worked together, everyone having lots of input and their fair share of discoveries. The kids in our group were aged 10, 12 and 13 and everyone had a ball – there was just one more question we had… when would our next escape room adventure be?!

You and your team will have an absolute blast – being locked in an escape room and immersed in a fantasy scenario, using clues to beat the clock. The real-life, puzzle-solving adventure game is sure to test the entire family.

Find Escape This at 48 Lake Street, Northbridge.

Get more info on their website.

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