For a bit of fun over the weekend, we decided to climb the DNA tower at King’s Park. The tower is 15m high and has a total of 101 steps with 3 viewing platforms along the way to stop and catch your breath before you reach the 4th and final platform. There is no cost to climb the Tower, and no staff operating it.

The top of the DNA Tower is the highest point in Kings Park and boasts gorgeous views above the treetops. You can see across the treetops and view the full expanse of Kings Park and the meandering Swan River alongside it. On a very clear day, you may see a beach or two in the distance or even Rottnest Island.

DNA Tower Kings Park

The design is based on the double helix structure of a DNA molecule, hence its name. It was also inspired by the famous double staircase in a Chateau in Blois, France.

DNA Tower Kings Park

TheDNA Tower is located along Forrest Drive, just past the Pioneer Women’s Memorial Lake. It has a small car park in front of it, or you can easily reach it by foot if you are already exploring the Botanic Gardens.

It doesn’t take long to climb. At the top, there is a compass-like feature that points out the landmarks in every direction. I did start to get a tiny bit of vertigo at the top, but you can hold onto both rails on either side to steady yourself. The gaps between the railings are narrow enough and the steps big enough that you don’t feel too vulnerable! But I have heard that when there are lots of people going up and down it can shake a bit.

DNA Tower Kings Park

The grassy avenue that leads away from the DNA Tower is called The Broadwalk and if you are up to walking its 1.5km stretch, it will lead you directly to Synergy Parkland which features a fabulous kids’ playground.

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