Zero Latency Perth

Located in Northbridge, Zero Latency is the global leader in free-roam, multiplayer, virtual reality (VR) gaming. With over 45 venues in 22 countries, Zero Latency provides the most technologically advanced, immersive VR gaming experience on the planet.

Zero Latency differs from other virtual reality gaming centres in that it offers free-roam virtual reality allowing gamers to move freely in an open space and not be constrained by cables and other immobile equipment.

Zero Latency Perth

Zero Latency Perth currently has 128 square meters of game space. The virtual space is much larger, however, and as they reuse the space with some clever tricks within the game. Don’t worry – walking into a wall is not likely to happen!

This was our first visit to Zero Latency and none of us had any experience of virtual gaming so we did not know what to expect. Let me just say it’s completely mind-bending and we had so much fun!

After checking in and choosing our gamer name which appears over your avatar in the virtual world, we were taken a small room where we were given a safety briefing and an overview of the games we were about to play.

Zero Latency Perth

Zero Latency Perth

The majority of the games are designed for participants aged 13+ years and over, however, they have just released a special kid’s combo consisting of new game “Mission Maybee” & Engineerium for kids aged 10+ and 130cm tall. Up to 8 people can play at a time as a team and the two games run back to back with each one lasting 15 minutes.

Mission Maybee has a kid-friendly theme where you are required to take a journey through an enchanted forest to takedown the maniacal Maybee Corporation and its leader, Dr Maybee. Hazardous goo that has poisoned plants and animals and will eventually destroy the whole planet. The Fate of the world is in your hands! As you make your way through the mission you are required use the VR gun to free the animals and planets by sucking away the goo.

Engineerium is a mind-bending adventure game which was a big hit with our team. The game transports you on a topsy-turvy tour through the virtual world, leading you up vertical walls and over moving bridges. The aim of the game is to work as a team and collect all the orbs to complete the puzzle. The more steps you take in the virtual world the more points you earn.

We had suit up in the high tech equipment which consisted of a backpack, VR headset, headphones with microphone and a gun. The headset allowed the gamemaster to communicate with us throughout the game and we could also talk to our team members.

Zero Latency Perth

Zero Latency Perth

We then entered the gaming arena which appears merely a basic empty room but as soon as you pull down your VR googles you are magically transported into another world. You can see all your teammates within the world but instead of their normal self, they have been transformed into Alien beings as in Engineerium or cute cartoonish characters in Mission Maybe. The only thing is you can’t see how you appear.

Zero Latency Perth

Virtual Reality Gaming offered us such as surreal experience as the eyes tricked the brain into thinking that we were walking across twisting bridges or jumping onto moving platforms. There is a safety system built into the headsets which warn you when a team member is in danger of bumping into you. There is also a dedicated Gamemaster who oversees your game and can pause it if there are any issues.

Zero Latency Perth

As well as the virutal reality experience, Zero Latency is also home to a retro-arcade with classic pinball machines (the biggest pinball arcade in Perth), Time Crisis, Daytona and more.

Zero Latency Perth
Zero Latency Perth
You’ll also find The Detour Cafe offering a small range of food, coffee and cold drinks. If you did not wish to take part in the game you can relax in the comfy lounge and watch all the action through the windows into the gaming area.
Zero Latency Perth
Zero Latency Perth
We really enjoyed our time at Zero Latency. It was something new that we hadn’t experienced before and we enjoyed being able to play as a team. We’ll definitely be back!
VR bookings are essential and can be made at, no bookings are required for the arcade or cafe. During the January school holidays Zero Latency will be open Thursday 1pm to 5pm and Friday from 12pm to 10pm in addition to their normal opening hours. Bookings can be made online.

Zero Latency Perth

248 Newcastle Street


Monday – Thursday: Closed
Friday: 4:00pm – 10:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am – 10:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm – 9:00pm

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