Tin Horse Highway, Kulin

The Tin Horse Highway can be accessed east from the town of Kulin and is a great route to take if you are travelling to or from Wave Rock. This is a bit of fun for all the fam and a welcome break from “are we there yet?” and other back seat shenanigans.Tin Horse Highway, Kulin

The Tin Horse Highway has been delighting travelers since 1995 and it’s been growing ever since. Another fantastic initiative started by the community of Kulin to promote the Kulin Bush Races and lure visitors to their wonderful town.Tin Horse Highway, Kulin

What started out as a bit of a laugh soon morphed into a frenzy of creativity birthed from the sheds and workshops of locals. Behind every sculpture is a story and a lot of humour. My favourite was the horse radishes – you can’t help but smile.Tin Horse Highway, Kulin

It’s certainly a unique self-driving tour. Best part is it’s free and can be viewed all year round – no matter the season.Tin Horse Highway, Kulin

We did a few drive by’s and some stop-off’s for a closer look and some happy snaps. Most are fairly accessible, though obviously take caution when pulling up to view especially if littlies are getting out of the car – it is a major highway. Tin Horse Highway, Kulin

Our top 5 were:

  1. Horse Radishes
  2. The West Kulin Whopper
  3. The Waterslide reenactment (their faces are a crack up)
  4. The New Zealand Cricket team VS the Aussies
  5. A ballerina we zoomed by
Tin Horse Highway, Kulin

Horsey tails!

There are soooooo many more and we’ll be sure to pay more attention on our next visit as we missed quite a few.Tin Horse Highway, Kulin

The “Quirky open-air gallery” evolves every year with new pieces added annually and there are loads of crazy horse sculptures to be found in the town of Kulin itself.

Tin Horse Highway, Kulin

Check out this little doco on how the horse highway came about.Tin Horse Highway, Kulin

Be sure to check out the Kulin website for loads of information and interesting facts on the Tin Horse Highway, the Town of Kulin and surrounding areas.


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