Wave Rock

Walking through a carpet of Spring Western Australian wildflowers near Wave Rock, under a bright blue sky, listening to the wind in the Sheoak trees, you will come across a magnificent, prehistoric rock formation. You will marvel at the size and shape, eroded by the weather over millions of years. This is Wave Rock. waverock.com.au

Wave Rock Caravan Park

No visit to the Wheatbelt is complete without checking out Wave Rock. Wave Rock

There are loads of Points of Interest along the way so look out for signs because phone coverage can be a little sketchy at times. Be sure to stop in at the dog cemetery (it’s a bit of a tear jerker)

Wave Rock

Courtesy: Wheatbelt Tourism


and take the Tin Horse Tourist route along the Tin Horse Highway. It’s a real crowd pleaser.Tin Horse Highway, Kulin

But nothing draws a crowd like the magnificent Wave Rock. It is a truly unique experience and if you’re coming from Perth – worth the drive.Wave Rock

There is a fee, but for people staying at the caravan park – Wave rock is free! The track to the wave itself is easy enough for most fitness levels and of course the photo opportunities are endless.Wave Rock

There are a few access points to traipse up to the top of the rock. This is a bit more physically demanding though plenty of families take their young ones up with no problems. Obviously caution is recommended, particularly near the edges – it’s a long drop. We went up with thongs which on a wet, misty day I don’t recommend, it can get slippery up there.Wave Rock

The views are spectacular as is watching the sun setting. It’s all very breath taking and probably like heaven during spring when the wildflowers put on a show.Wave Rock

Be sure to take the walk trail to Hippo’s Yawn and if you’re feeling adventurous explore the rock itself. Wave RockOur kids loved rock climbing in between the nooks and crannies.Wave Rock Or be like me and go on the never disappointing bench ride and watch your family have fun while you take in the coolness of a rock that really does look like a yawning hippopotamus.Wave Rock

Set off early and make a day trip out to Hyden, though there is nothing cooler than seeing a Wheatbelt night sky and waking up to views of the rock. There are some accommodation options including the Wave Rock Caravan Park (click here for review), the Wave Rock Motel and the Wave Rock Resort. Wave Rock Caravan ParkEven if you don’t plan on staying, be sure to visit the resort where visitors can experience Lake Magic – a salt water lake supposedly similar to the Dead Sea. When we went it was still under construction, but hopefully it will be a unique spot to visit and have a non-sinking dip (Hippo’s Yawn walk trail will also lead you to the resort.). Mulka’s cave is only 15kms from Wave Rock and definitely one we will be checking out on a return visit.

Food can be purchased from the Wave Rock Café or click here for more options. They are open 9am – 5pm though probably best to contact them for kitchen hours if you’re looking for an afternoon meal. This is also the entrance to the Wildflower gift shop, Lace Collection, Miniature Soldier Museum and the Wildlife Park. Entry fees apply for all except the gift shop.

Wave Rock

Courtesy: Wave Rock Website

Wave Rock

Wave Rock Rd, Hyden

Contact: The Wave Rock Website


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