Eating healthy can be a real struggle for the modern consumer. The food market is saturated with items that are high in processed grains, saturated fats, salt and sugar – many of these foods have limited nutritional value. Thankfully, there are plenty of savoury and nutritious options available for those who want to provide something better for their families.

With the growth of the fast food industry, however, it is important that you stay proactive when considering meal options for yourself and your family. So, if you’re currently residing in the suburbs of Perth, be sure to check out these restaurants that are not only great for the family but perfect if you want your family to eat as healthy as possible!


Run by Australian author and chef Peter Evans, Heirloom is the culinary embodiment of Evans’ philosophy regarding the paleo diet. The menu consists entirely of organic, local produce with no processed foods or grains in any of the dishes. You can have faith that everything on the menu is going to be great for you and the family. There’s even a selection of organic wines available for adults!

Aisuru Sushi

Also nestled on the vibrant William Street is this little Japanese gem known as Aisuru Sushi. It has quickly become everyone’s favourite local Japanese restaurant, featuring a vegan and vegetarian-friendly menu. Most of their entrees are plant-based, including tempura string beans and a nice serving of tofu chips. Getting the kids to eat healthy can be a challenge, so if your kids and family are into sushi, be sure to check out Aisuru for some plant-based treasures.

Marco’s Organic Pizza

If you and the family are craving some fresh, delicious pizza, Marco’s in Joondanna is sure to be a hit. Since it opened in 1976, Marco’s has developed a cult following and established a loyal customer base, primarily because of their focus on organic produce. What does this mean? Put simply, it means their pizzas are healthier and better for you! Boasting a comprehensive menu of both classic and exotic pizzas, Marco’s use of a crunchy crust made from San Francisco sourdough has made this place a must try!

The Hardware Store

If you’re looking to take the family out to a nice little café for breakfast or lunch over the weekend, The Hardware Store could be just the place. There are a lot of vegetarian and health-oriented cafes, so the competition is pretty intense! This unique and creative little restaurant lies on Brighton Road and has become an integral part of Scarborough culture. Focusing on great service, The Hardware Store serves up healthy items in the form of mixed mushroom bruschetta and poached eggs with prosciutto. Perfect for a Sunday morning with the family!

Typika Artisan Roasters

Nestled in the heart of Claremont, Typika Artisan Roasters is renowned for its high quality coffee and cosy atmosphere. The little café offers up an extensive all-day men featuring spiced beef benedict, among other funky, healthy items. It’s a really nice spot to take the kids over the weekend, particularly if you and your partner are lovers of good, old-fashioned coffee. A definite hot spot for Perth foodies!


This modern Australian restaurant is perfect for intimate events, like a nice dinner with the extended family. More importantly, the menu can be tailored to your needs, meaning picky eaters won’t be a hassle for the cooking staff! The organic chicken breast with green beans and chickpeas is a must try for all the chicken lovers, while the shaved cabbage and kale salad will please any vegetarians looking for a nice, high quality meal. Open seven days a week, this Italian restaurant is sure to be a hit with the family for those special celebrations!

The Wolf The Bean The Walnut

This smart café features high-ceilings and a comprehensive menu devoted to healthy eating habits. Indeed, the vegan and vegetarian community can rejoice as this little joint serves up some exotic salads, unique and fresh juices and some healthy, little sweet treats – perfect for those with an unrelenting sweet tooth! Moreover, if you’re in a hurry because you’re running late in picking up the kids, be sure to pop in and nab one of their healthy takeaway lunch packs. Perfect for a quick, nutritional energy boost!

Veggie Mama

Settled in Beaufort Street, Veggie Mama is a relaxed, casual restaurant that all members of the family can enjoy. If you walk into this little café, you will instantly notice the huge glass cabinet filled to the excess with fresh ingredients, including things like salads and healthy sweets. So, if you’re on the lookout for a healthy, vegan-friendly haven, be sure to check out Veggie Mama ASAP!

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