Location:  Robinson, Albany Western Australia (“Horse Country” as the locals describe it) 
Check in:  2:00pm 
Check out:  10:00am 
Kid Friendly:  Yes 
Pram Friendly:  Yes 
Wheelchair friendly:                Yes 
Cost:  $165 per night (as at 1 August 2017) 
Mode of activity:  Luxury Accommodation 
How to find them:     AirBNB 

Wow!  There is no other way to describe Stable BASE.  Originally designed by owner Tom (an architect himself) in 2015, this separate wing of their house was built as a studio for guests with horses to stay.  That’s right, you heard me!  You could float your horse down there, yourself and your horse can reside on the property and explore Albany’s thirty something kilometres or Bridal Trails!  #errrmagahd

Stable BASE WA

We initially booked this place as a mums get away as they offered two rooms with their own ensuites for $165 per night, however we had no idea what a niche this place was.  New, contemporary and we have our own bathrooms, ummmm heck yes!!!!   What we came to discover was this place was completely wheelchair accessible, so in addition to it being so modern it was also spacious (for a studio!).

Stable BASE WA

Communication with both Tom & Sam was incredibly fast and they were more than accommodating when we requested a very late check out!  It’s been a very long time since we have stayed somewhere this good and we think it’s worth sharing this amazing place with the families out there!  We can’t wait to take our kids back to see the free range chickens, the horses and to have a picnic on the table in the middle of their property (pic below).

Stable BASE WAStable BASE WAStable BASE WA

Very briefly, due to circumstances we were late to check in, however when we did arrive (very tired from a long drive and hiking adventure) Tom had lit us a fire an on the kitchen table was fresh homemade multigrain bread, fresh free range eggs, coffee and jam, which we quickly toasted up and hoed into!  Tom popped his head in, said hi, gave us his suggestions for dinner and after that we were left alone without any further interruption.Some important notes that I like to hear when booking accommodation, the shower pressure was great and

Some important notes that I like to hear when booking accommodation, the shower pressure was great and shower head was like a waterfall.  It is fully self contained, you don’t need a thing and everything they provide is quality and enviro friendly (inc the kettle).  The toilet seat was soft close and the showers were completely mould free.  The water was from the rain tank and felt amazingly soft! (either Perth water is terrible or there was a conditioner in this water).  The wood fire heats the entire place including the bedrooms, we were sooooo comfortable and cosy all night.  The parking is not undercover, so you are bound to get wet walking from the car to the front veranda, however, it is Albany people, if you don’t get wet you weren’t in Albany.

It is five minutes from town centre and fifteen minutes from main attractions like The Gap, Natural Bridge and Albany’s Historic Whaling Station.  This place is perfect.  We will be back!

Stable BASE WA


Tash & Linds
X x x


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About Tash Triscari

(or Tasha, Tashie, Nash, Nat, Natash, oi! and hey you!)

I don’t quite know how to begin this?

When I had my little girl I stopped working (I was a desk loving Settlement Agent) and like almost every other mumma out there, I committed to a Mothers Group where you gathered at a cafe. I quickly learned that babies don’t like cafes (surprise!) and I can’t enjoy a coffee in a cafe with my baby because I was so self-conscious of how inconvenient I became to other people around me.

It then became apparent how much money was wasted on coffee and cake that went cold and got smooshed by baby hands *sigh*

So I started meeting friends for walks instead and wow how the dynamic changed!

No more glancing around checking for rolled eyes over hungry or upset babies!

Anxiety Gone! Money Saved! (Husband off my back!)

The feeling was so blissful it had to be shared; insert Mummies Who Walk!

Walking with friends changed to walking and meeting new friends to hiking and exploring to messy plays in nature to mums nurturing themselves. It is amazing what nature and exercise can do for a mum who is inadvertently staying inside. Benefits are not just limited to mums.

Children that grow up on farms have less asthma and fewer allergies because they are in contact with a variety of microorganisms from plants and animals.

Prolonged stay outdoors promotes eye health (I type staring at a screen through my glasses).

Nature play significantly improves all aspects of child development including physical, cognitive, social and emotional.

Do I go on?

Thus I had discovered (and I’m sure I’m not alone here) a way for mums to connect with other mums anxiety free, a place where children can grow in a natural way and get this, it’s FREE!

Also, do you know how many waterfalls we have in Perth! A lot!

My little girl is older now and I am working again, so I don’t get as many opportunities to organise group meet ups, but there’s plenty to see over at our Instagram page

Stalk my page. Get inspired. Start your own meet ups.

Meet other inspirational Mummas and inspire some yourself!

So this in its shortest is me, and I would love to meet you too one day.

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