It wasn’t long ago my handbrake, oops, husband was trying to explain that he wanted a ‘good burger’ that we didn’t have the brave the crowds of The Henley Brook or Mandoon for…

*drum roll please*


Joeys Swan Valley Diner

Mumma (and Daddy) bears! Stop what you are doing!!! Kids can get Burger/Nuggets/Hotdog, plus fries, plus slushie and an ICE CREAM for only $10!!!

In addition, a voucher is given for Ice Cream so you can go and collect it whenever YOU are ready! Or in my case, use it as blackmail ‘Do you want ice cream? Then get out of the sandpit!

(my pride and joy, in her natural habitat, coming up for air)

There are soooo many things to praise about this place.

Firstly, locals supporting locals; their coffee is locally sourced from Dantes Coffee in Wangara. Secondly I can go there in my PJ’s, order whatever I crave from the comfort of my car through their Diner window, skull my coffee or hoe into some chips on the way home and no one is the wiser.

Thirdly … and this just made my day … when Olivia sat on the digger it wasn’t quite collecting sand right, so she moved onto another toy, and without skipping a beat a gentleman walked over to the digger, whisked it away for five minutes and bought it back working perfectly!!! I mean seriously, how many times have you gone somewhere and the kids toy are coated in filth and broken? Well looks like this Joey’s Diner won’t be one of ‘those places’.

The burgers and fries are tasty and filling! Slushies come in the most delicious flavours.

(the Cheeseburger)

I was fortunate enough to meet the owner Glen while I was there. Down to earth and open to share this amazing place, I couldn’t be happier this is now one of our regular stops!

You can’t miss it, look for the flags on Great Northern Hwy.

Joeys Diner won’t stay hidden for long! Get your butts over to this place before the crowds find out about it!


X x x


What you need to know:

Location:                                766 Great Northern Hwy, Herne Hill, Western Australia

Opening Times:                  Monday to Thursday       6:00am to 9:00pm

Friday                                        6:00am to 10:00om

Saturday                                 8:00am to 10:00pm

Sunday                                     9:00am to 9:00pm

Kid Friendly:                         Yes

Pram Friendly:                    Yes

Mode of activity:               Eats (& chill)

Toilets:                                                       Yes and with change tables #hallelujah

Fire pit:                                                      Yes, you heard right, this place has a freaking fire pit!

Costs:                                        Very well priced! (and tasty) Menus are up on their Instagram Stories for anyone with Instagram

Tables:                                     Yes all with umbrellas, plus two grassed areas, chairs and a big fire pit area!

Playground:                          There is a sand pit with toys and slide which keeps the kids well entertained between food and drink.

Contact details:                 Facebook  Instagram

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About Tash Triscari

(or Tasha, Tashie, Nash, Nat, Natash, oi! and hey you!)

I don’t quite know how to begin this?

When I had my little girl I stopped working (I was a desk loving Settlement Agent) and like almost every other mumma out there, I committed to a Mothers Group where you gathered at a cafe. I quickly learned that babies don’t like cafes (surprise!) and I can’t enjoy a coffee in a cafe with my baby because I was so self-conscious of how inconvenient I became to other people around me.

It then became apparent how much money was wasted on coffee and cake that went cold and got smooshed by baby hands *sigh*

So I started meeting friends for walks instead and wow how the dynamic changed!

No more glancing around checking for rolled eyes over hungry or upset babies!

Anxiety Gone! Money Saved! (Husband off my back!)

The feeling was so blissful it had to be shared; insert Mummies Who Walk!

Walking with friends changed to walking and meeting new friends to hiking and exploring to messy plays in nature to mums nurturing themselves. It is amazing what nature and exercise can do for a mum who is inadvertently staying inside. Benefits are not just limited to mums.

Children that grow up on farms have less asthma and fewer allergies because they are in contact with a variety of microorganisms from plants and animals.

Prolonged stay outdoors promotes eye health (I type staring at a screen through my glasses).

Nature play significantly improves all aspects of child development including physical, cognitive, social and emotional.

Do I go on?

Thus I had discovered (and I’m sure I’m not alone here) a way for mums to connect with other mums anxiety free, a place where children can grow in a natural way and get this, it’s FREE!

Also, do you know how many waterfalls we have in Perth! A lot!

My little girl is older now and I am working again, so I don’t get as many opportunities to organise group meet ups, but there’s plenty to see over at our Instagram page

Stalk my page. Get inspired. Start your own meet ups.

Meet other inspirational Mummas and inspire some yourself!

So this in its shortest is me, and I would love to meet you too one day.

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