Whale World Albany

Whale World Albany – Located 22km from Albany, Whale World is an educational tourist attraction of the last industrial Whaling Station in Australia.  With over 20 exhibits to explore either on your own or a free guided tour you should expect to be there for a few hours.

Whale World Albany
I took my nearly 6 and 3 year old around the exhibits which started off at the playground area overlooking the bay and the Cheynes IV Whalechaser ship.  There’s a huge Whale slide and swings for the bigger kids and a huge squid sand-pit area with rockers for the little ones.  This area is ideal for a picnic with shelters and BBQs available.

Whale World Albany

Whale World Albany

Whale World Albany

Whale World AlbanyWhale World AlbanyWhale World Albany

Cheynes IV Whalechaser ship – the kids loved roaming around the ship looking in each of the cabins, including the Captain’s.  There’s lots of very steep steps and stairways so probably more suited for 4yrs and older and definitely NOT suitable for prams/buggies or wheelchairs.

Whale World Albany
Whale World Albany

Onto the processing and mechanics of the whole whaling operation. The size of these mechanical structures will have the kids in awe, and if you’re sensitive (like myself) a bit queasy. Lots of area for the kids to walk around, many lookouts and even row boats for them to explore. They also have two 3D films within the Oil Silos an also a hologram. If you keep on keeping on, you will come to the marine skeleton museum, the picture below says it all – it’s huge!!!!

Whale World Albany
Whale World Albany

There are lots of exhibit rooms to explore including the whaling station, panorama tower gallery, movie theatres, art and photographic galleries.  Be WARNED that some of the images are quite graphical in that this was a whaling station where whales were killed and cut up.  Some rooms I chose to walk into and then walk out again so be prepared to answer any questions your kids might have if they see something disturbing.  I chose to educate my kids on why we once hunted and killed Whales and why we don’t do this now.
Whale World Albany

There are three theatres in the centre, including the world’s first 3D animated film on whales “Giants Exist”.  We chose to watch this one and the little one’s enjoyed the short film and the 3d glasses – although they both had difficulty in keeping them on and chose to watch it without them.

Whale World Albany

Also in the grounds of Whale World, and included in your entry ticket, is the Australia Wildlife Park and Wildflower Garden.

Now if by this time you are completely exhausted, do not fret, your entry ticket can be extended, and you can possibly come back the next day to finish your tour. Conditions do apply so please inquire within the Albany’s Historic Whaling Station.
Whale World Albany

You will be blown away by the friendliness of all the animals here along with the beauty of gardens. Although the animals have designated areas they also freely roam their grounds (within the Australian Wildlife Park). However, Frank, the Koala seems to just enjoy chilling to the ocean views! The white Kangaroos are a sight to be seen and oh so friendly! (and also surprisingly sooooo soft)

Australian Wildlife ParkAustralian Wildlife ParkAustralian Wildlife Park

Find out more about Whale World Albany on their website: www.whaleworld.org

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