As a parent, we inevitably become ‘advice magnets’. It can be pretty overwhelming and sometimes leave you feeling like you are doing something wrong. From all of the advice we have had over the years, the most helpful and influential are listed below:

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Some are born with it, whilst others, let’s face it, have been winging it from the very start. It’s so easy to lose perspective as a parent, we can easily be caught up in a parenting rut and life can seem much harder than it actually is.

We are two Perth mums who totally understand the feelings of isolation that parenting can bring, we have experienced it firsthand. This led us to start Mummies Who Walk. Our ultimate goal is to get more adults and children outdoors into nature, into the biggest playground a child could wish for.

We live in an era where advances in technology, reduced free time and fears relating to safety issues have caused us to keep our kids inside.  We would love to try and reinvent this era of ‘modern parenting’, where kids can climb hills, not plastic climbing frames, watch real wildlife, not Dora the Explorer. Stay with us… scientific evidence has highlighted that when children are exposed to nature play on a regular basis they show significant improvements in both physical and mental health. We want other mums to feel the benefits we are feeling and to try to change this recent shift in lifestyle choice. In one generation our outdoor play has reduced from 72% to 35%, believe it or not, these statistics are Australian. Ref Planet ark:

Over the past 12months, we have tried and tested what we believe to be ‘Perth’s Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks’.  We hope this helps you get your walk on!

I don’t know if this will help you along the way but we wish someone had explained this to us: Babies VS Toddlers

Babies up to two years are happy to ‘blob’ in the pram with a snack and are happy to just take in the scenery.

Toddlers, two years plus. They want to #freestyle and get amongst it and stretch those little legs. Prepare for a longer walk with Toddlers.

Counting down from number 10:

10.       John Forrest National Park

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

Location: Park Road, Hovea
Cost: $12 entry fee (per car) to the National Park. $6 for concession
Dog-friendly: No
Length & Duration: Picnic area to Swan View Tunnel is a 5-kilometre return. Allow 2 hours as lots of scenery, we prefer winter as the waterfall is amazing.
Safety: General mountain terrain safety, take care that children do not get too close to the edge of cliffs.
What to pack: Torches for the tunnel. Lots of water, snacks and/or picnic, sun cream, hats, towels, change of clothes, & nappy bag. A good camera would be handy too! Also a stick of sage for those interested in the spiritual world.

This is another walk that ticks all of the boxes. It has gas BBQs, toilets, beautiful scenery. Quirky little wooden huts and lots of native wildlife, the roos are extra inquisitive (refer to very first photo). If you’re keen to keep going the track does continue after the tunnel. There are lots of places for the kids to adventure and explore. The park has three entrances off Great Eastern Highway, it’s open seven days and gates close at 4:00pm.

Contact details for John Forrest National Park: T: (08) 9290 6100


9.       Guildford Wetlands

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

Location: Entrance via East Street, Guilford (between Attfield Street & Sweeting Street) Cost: Free (music to your ears?)
Dog-friendly: On lead for sure
Length & Duration: This place is a beautiful stretch of wetlands which allows you to follow the river to your heart’s desire.
Safety: General water and bush safety. Popular walking area.
What to pack: Lots of water, snacks and/or picnic, sun cream, towels, change of clothes, & nappy bag.

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

We would recommend parking in close proximity to your favourite cafe on James Street, then head down James Street towards East Street and enter the Wetlands between Attfield and Sweeting Street. Head into the bush, cross the bridge and follow the path all the way to Johnson Street and cross over the top of Johnson Street being careful of the masses of traffic. Follow the path till you get to the playground at Kings Meadow Oval. Here we let the kids play for as long as they need. To get them off the play equipment you simply ask them to come and see the horses in the paddocks near Hill Street. Follow Hill Street up till you get to James Street again and you have done your loop.

Then it’s time to stop in for lunch somewhere and enjoy some antique stores while the kids’ nap! Alternatively, enjoy a drive through the Swan Valley on the way home stopping for any local produce (reminder to take some cash with you).


8.       Araluen Botanical Park

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

Location: 362 Croyden Road, Roleystone
Cost: Adult $6, Child (6-15years) $3
Dog-friendly: No
Length & Duration: At your discretion. Lots of options (all easy terrain, just different distances)
Safety: General. Maybe avoid if you suffer from hay fever, it’s basically a pollen factory.
What to pack: Picnic, water, sun cream, hat & nappy bag. Maybe a bucket as the little ones likes to collect sticks and leaves.  A good camera is a must too!

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

This place is a child’s dream, the colours, the scents, the abundance of nature. Beautiful water features, a lovely little cafe and lots of open lush grass to play on or to just lie on and watch the clouds!  The Park is open seven days from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Contact details for Araluen Botanical Park: T: (08) 9234 2200


7.       Walyunga National Park

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

Location: Walyunga Road, Bullsbrook (directly off Great Northern Highway)
Cost: $12 entry fee (per car) to the National Park. $6 for concession
Dog-friendly: No
Length & Duration: We recommend the Kingfisher (Blue) Trail. It is approximately 6 to 8.5 kilometres
Safety: General bush and water safety. Be aware that during the winter the river may burst its banks and erode parts of the trail.
What to pack: Pack light, difficult terrain due to an uphill section of the walk.

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

We would only recommend this walk with a minimum of 2 people as sometimes it is required to lift the pram over certain rocks. This walk is great for those wanting a physical workout. Approximately  2 kilometres is up hill terrain.

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

Pack water, sun cream, hat and …. a teaspoon of cement because you are going to need to put your back into this walk! The start of the walk involves following the most beautiful river, leading up to Syds rapids, it’s just magical. Lots of places to stop along the way with the kids, there are also toilets, gas BBQs and picnic tables.

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

Stop in at Pink Salt Wholefoods Cafe Ellenbrook for a cheap healthy lunch and juice on the way home, they have a great kids area!
The Park is open seven days from 8:00am to 5:00pm

Walyunga National Park Guide: Website T: (08) 9295 9100


6.       Yanchep National Park

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

Location: Yanchep Beach Road, Yanchep
Cost: $12 entry fee (per car) to the National Park. $6 concession. You can purchase an annual Park Pass for $40 if you are a regular National Park visitor.
Dog-friendly: No
Length & Duration: Wetlands Walk, 2 kilometres approximately 45 minutes, flat and easy
Safety: General water and bush safety. Very easy track to follow, you can’t get lost as very well sign posted.
What to pack: Lots of water, snacks and/or picnic, sun cream, change of clothes, nappy bag. Also a good camera.

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

We would recommend parking near the tourist information centre, there are toilets there and generally lots of shaded parking bays. There is an abundance of roos and plenty of space for the kids to run and explore. We find the most beautiful feathers here which we collect and bring home to attach onto the kids dream catchers. If you’re not up for walking that day you can always take the kids to see the Koalas or Crystal Caves. The restaurant generally has kid’s bouncy castles and entertainment if you stop in for a bite to eat.  The Park is open 24 hours, seven days a week.

Have you ever aspired to be a world famous DJ? We hadn’t either, but we sure felt like one this recent car trip to Yanchep National Park. We discovered how to add a little bass to muffle out the high pitched screaming.  It’s a bit of a drive but well worth it.

Contact details for Yanchep National Park: T: (08) 9303 7759


5.       Whiteman Park

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

Location: Lord Street, Caversham
Cost: Free
Dog-friendly: Yes on lead through the park and they can freestyle it in the designated enclosed Dog Park
Length & Duration: Wunanga Trail, 4.3 kilometres approximately 2 hours
Safety: Just the drop bears. They escaped from Caversham Wildlife Park over a decade ago and have since mutated 😉
What to pack: Lots of water, snacks and/or picnic, sun cream, change of clothes, bathers, towel & nappy bag.

The Children’s Forrest is a must see too!  Don’t attempt the Wunanga Trail in summer as it feels like a desert in an oven, if you can even picture that, and it gets too boggy for the prams in sections. Another option if you are not keen on going bush is to follow the red cycle path. See map here.

The Park is open seven days from 8:30am to 6:00pm.
Whiteman Park contact details: T: (08) 9209 6000


4.       Nobel Falls

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

Location: Toodyay Road, Gidgegannup
Cost: Free
Dog-friendly: Hellz Yes! The pooches can’t get enough of it
Length & Duration: 3.5 kilometres about 45 minutes. See link for walk instructions here:
Safety: General water and bush safety. Possible slippery rocks if the water level is high  (ie winter). Please be aware on leaving as the exit back onto Toodyay road is a bit of a blind spot.
What to pack: Lots of water, snacks and/or picnic, sun cream, change of clothes, nappy bag and DSLR camera as the wild flowers and bird life is in abundance.

If you are not the walking type then it’s still worth the drive to allow your child to engage in nature play. There is a playground and picnic area set near the river. When following the trail there are options to take many different paths an extend your adventure. Finish off with lunch at Chapel Farm nom nom nom.

Chapel Farm details: T: (08) 9250 4755


3.       Burns Beach Coastal Walk

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

Location: End of Ocean Parade, Burns Beach (Burns Beach Cafe parking lot)
Cost: Free unless your body is caffeine dependent like us, they make one hell of a latte
Dog-friendly: Yes
Length & Duration: Burns Beach Cafe to Iluka Foreshore Reserve (low-level fitness) 3.5 kilometres return, 45 to 1 hour. Burns Beach Cafe to Ocean Reef Marina (moderate fitness) 10 kilometres return, 1.5 to 2 hours.
Burns Beach Cafe to Mullaloo Beach (high-level fitness) 14 kilometres return, 3 to 4 hours
Safety: You are at risk of exploding due to the overwhelming beauty of the landscape. At the Iluka Foreshore reserve, there is a boardwalk down to the beach, be mindful of kids who love climbing and may fall.
What to pack: Lots of water, beach buckets & shovels, snacks and/or picnic, sun cream, change of clothes, duck food & nappy bag. Pack your purse as you would have conjured up an appetite and may wish to purchase another caffeinated beverage.

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

Our most loved coastal walk, it never gets old and has options for everyone! It’s away from the road and the noise pollution from cars. Many options for lunch; Burns Beach Cafe, Dome Mullaloo, Mullaloo Beach Hotel and the awesome new cafe underneath Mullaloo Beach Hotel (they really crank the music).


2.       Yellagonga Regional Park

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

Location: We usually park at the Ocean Reef Road entrance (between Trappers Dr and Wanneroo  Rd) opposite the white heritage listed house.
Cost: Free
Dog-friendly: Heck yes (on lead in case of snake encounter)
Length & Duration: Ocean Reef entrance to Neil Hawkins Park Joondalup. Length is approximately 4 to 5 kilometres and can take anywhere between 2 to 5 hours (return).
Safety: General water and bush safety.  We are in Australia folks, everything wants to kill us.
What to pack: Lots of water, snacks and/or picnic, sun cream, change of clothes & nappy bag.

The Joondalup Lake circuit is approximately 16 kilometres (4 hours non-stop fast pace). We love Neil Hawkins Park, there is NO SAND and they have toilets, picnic tables and friendly native parrots and pigeons. We also walk further up the road and get a bite to eat at Sugar and Spice. The walk in itself is amazing and also kid safe however it can be shortened by stopping earlier at Picnic Cove Park, Edgewater and returning back. A beautiful candid moment as the scenery is stunning if you’re lucky you will catch baby turtles crossing the path.


1.       Lake Leschenaultia

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

Location: Rosedale Road, Chidlow
Cost: Free
Dog-friendly: No
Length & Duration: 1 Hour (walk around the lake)
Safety: There is nothing to worry about! General water and bush safety.
What to pack: Lots of water, snacks and/or picnic, sun cream, beach bucket & shovel, bathers, towels, change of clothes, duck food & nappy bag.  Oh and also your canoe or kayak if you’re keen!

Mummies Who Walk (“MWW”) Top 10 Pram Friendly Walks

This place ticks all the boxes for convenience an all fitness levels. Take a pram friendly meander around the lake with your offspring and if they have a tantrum there’s always ice cream at the Cafe in the car park. There are toilets, gas BBQ areas, picnic tables, camping grounds and canoe hire. If you feel like a bit of an adventure head up the Walk Path Trail that joins the Mountain Bike Trail, it’s a longer circuit but oh so peaceful!  Lots of horses to see along the way too!

Lake Leschenaultia details: T: (08) 9290 6645

Peace out!
Tash & Linds X x x


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About Tash Triscari

(or Tasha, Tashie, Nash, Nat, Natash, oi! and hey you!)

I don’t quite know how to begin this?

When I had my little girl I stopped working (I was a desk loving Settlement Agent) and like almost every other mumma out there, I committed to a Mothers Group where you gathered at a cafe. I quickly learned that babies don’t like cafes (surprise!) and I can’t enjoy a coffee in a cafe with my baby because I was so self-conscious of how inconvenient I became to other people around me.

It then became apparent how much money was wasted on coffee and cake that went cold and got smooshed by baby hands *sigh*

So I started meeting friends for walks instead and wow how the dynamic changed!

No more glancing around checking for rolled eyes over hungry or upset babies!

Anxiety Gone! Money Saved! (Husband off my back!)

The feeling was so blissful it had to be shared; insert Mummies Who Walk!

Walking with friends changed to walking and meeting new friends to hiking and exploring to messy plays in nature to mums nurturing themselves. It is amazing what nature and exercise can do for a mum who is inadvertently staying inside. Benefits are not just limited to mums.

Children that grow up on farms have less asthma and fewer allergies because they are in contact with a variety of microorganisms from plants and animals.

Prolonged stay outdoors promotes eye health (I type staring at a screen through my glasses).

Nature play significantly improves all aspects of child development including physical, cognitive, social and emotional.

Do I go on?

Thus I had discovered (and I’m sure I’m not alone here) a way for mums to connect with other mums anxiety free, a place where children can grow in a natural way and get this, it’s FREE!

Also, do you know how many waterfalls we have in Perth! A lot!

My little girl is older now and I am working again, so I don’t get as many opportunities to organise group meet ups, but there’s plenty to see over at our Instagram page

Stalk my page. Get inspired. Start your own meet ups.

Meet other inspirational Mummas and inspire some yourself!

So this in its shortest is me, and I would love to meet you too one day.

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