serpentine national park

First order of business;

Eat that slice of cake, there is so much to explore here you will wear it off in no time!

Second order of business;

If you live far away from Serpentine and if it’s a public holiday and the weather is perfect, call ahead of time to make sure the park isn’t at capacity (or get there when it opens at 8:30am). I have been caught out on this before, turned up only to be turned away because the Park is full *insert cry face*

If you’re also planning on swimming it’s worth asking if the water is safe and has been tested. Department of Parks contact: (08) 9290 6100.

Where you park the car is close to the picnic facilities and toilets, so super easy access if you’re looking to just park up with the kids to picnic:

serpentine national park

Hey Skip!

Following the road on foot to the left will take you over a bridge, around a boulder, along a boardwalk/bridge and to the falls:

serpentine national park

Oh the possibilities!!! The walk to the Falls is short and pram friendly (R and R), its a beautiful place for photos, however from here is where adventure takes place!

Steps take you down to the water:

serpentine national park

Not feeling like a swim?

Follow the boulders across and head under the bridge and enjoy the peace and quiet, dip your feet, let the kids play in the mud: (**Note: Boulders are slippery when wet, don’t make a scene like I did)

serpentine national park
serpentine national park

Feeling more advantageous?

Head back into the park and look for the trail that takes you to Kitty’s Gorge. Prams won’t make it through the entire trail, unfortunately; you could do it with a carrier but would need to be well prepared as it’s a bloody long hike! Head up as far as you can go, it’ll be a bumpy ride with the pram (see photos) but the views are worth it:

serpentine national park

serpentine national parkserpentine national park
serpentine national park

When you get as far as you can go, there is a path that goes down, this takes you to another section of the Falls, a nice stop with the kids to jump in some puddles and explore a bit.

(**Note: The hill/track down is steep and not safe with prams, it’s ok with carriers though. We did get the prams down there but never did it again. We have learnt to just empty the prams of valuables, park them under a tree up the top and head down with the kids, collecting the prams on the return):

serpentine national park
serpentine national park
serpentine national park

If you’re in the right season up here you might come across fields of butterflies! Thousands and thousands, nature is just extraordinary! You thought bubbles made kids happy, watch their faces light up seeing thousands of butterflies!

serpentine national park

(hard to see in the pic above but there are butterflies spread out all over the road!)

But wait! There is more!

If the hike with kids/prams or just the word hike in general turns you off, disinterests you, makes you want to punch me in the face, but you still want to enjoy some nature, there is a cute little track that goes through the bottom of the falls.

Keep your eyes peeled on the path from the car park to the falls. Along there is a track that takes you onto a skinny metal bridge that crosses over the water through the bush…

Follow this path, you don’t need my instructions, just enjoy the adventure that awaits!!!!

serpentine national parkserpentine national park

(Note: Professional photographers!!! These stairs are gorgeous! My crappy iPhone pics don’t do them justice!)

All in all, this is $15 well spent! All adventure sizes and abilities are catered for and there are lots of hidden paths to be found and memories to be made!

We live in a beautiful country, drink some coffee, get your boots on and get out there!

Tash x



Location: The end of Falls Road, Serpentine

Opening Times:  8:30am to 5:00pm

Opening Days:   7 Days

Cost:  $15 per car, entry fee 

Kid Friendly:  Yes

Pram Friendly: Yes, most of it (carrier recommended, see below for more details and photos)

Dog-Friendly:  No

Toilets:  Yes

BBQs:  Yes

Mode of activity:   Bush Walk, Picnic, Play, Hike, Swim, Explore

Phone Reception: Yes, but can cut in and out on the hike trails

Time Taken:  Approx two hours, walking from where I parked the car, to the falls, letting the kids explore, and back to the car. You could spend all day here though!

What to Pack:  Nappy bag, buckets, shovels, drinks/picnic, sun scream, hats. If it’s a wet day with muddy puddles; gum boots, raincoat and leave a towel and change of clothes in the car.

Safety:  The usual, ants, snakes and mosquitoes. Also note below in respect to the water and also don’t jump off the falls (just in case you’re thinking about it!)


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I don’t quite know how to begin this?

When I had my little girl I stopped working (I was a desk loving Settlement Agent) and like almost every other mumma out there, I committed to a Mothers Group where you gathered at a cafe. I quickly learned that babies don’t like cafes (surprise!) and I can’t enjoy a coffee in a cafe with my baby because I was so self-conscious of how inconvenient I became to other people around me.

It then became apparent how much money was wasted on coffee and cake that went cold and got smooshed by baby hands *sigh*

So I started meeting friends for walks instead and wow how the dynamic changed!

No more glancing around checking for rolled eyes over hungry or upset babies!

Anxiety Gone! Money Saved! (Husband off my back!)

The feeling was so blissful it had to be shared; insert Mummies Who Walk!

Walking with friends changed to walking and meeting new friends to hiking and exploring to messy plays in nature to mums nurturing themselves. It is amazing what nature and exercise can do for a mum who is inadvertently staying inside. Benefits are not just limited to mums.

Children that grow up on farms have less asthma and fewer allergies because they are in contact with a variety of microorganisms from plants and animals.

Prolonged stay outdoors promotes eye health (I type staring at a screen through my glasses).

Nature play significantly improves all aspects of child development including physical, cognitive, social and emotional.

Do I go on?

Thus I had discovered (and I’m sure I’m not alone here) a way for mums to connect with other mums anxiety free, a place where children can grow in a natural way and get this, it’s FREE!

Also, do you know how many waterfalls we have in Perth! A lot!

My little girl is older now and I am working again, so I don’t get as many opportunities to organise group meet ups, but there’s plenty to see over at our Instagram page

Stalk my page. Get inspired. Start your own meet ups.

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So this in its shortest is me, and I would love to meet you too one day.

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