Do you have a child who is curious about the world around them? A child who always asks what and why? Then a visit to Scitech is for you! This immersive, interactive science museum has something amazing to suit every kid, from toddlers to teens. 

Currently at the time of writing this in the summer holidays of 2022/2023, Scitech is featuring a space themed exhibition, including planetarium shows ‘Astronaut’ and ‘A Little Space’. 


Astronaut also features interactive exhibits on display in the gallery. Children can touch and explore and play. Has your child ever wanted to know how astronauts sleep or poop in space? This exhibition explains it all! Find out what astronauts eat, how they clean and brush their hair, the sorts of tests their bodies go through and how they manage to perform experiments in space. There are experiments and physical tests to try, such as a grip test or trying to build with blocks and screws while wearing bulky gloves.

There are also games to play, which simulate what it might be like working on a space station or space craft. One of these is a bit like ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ Another involves a personality test to discover your strengths and then build your own space team with complimentary qualities. Some games require more than one person, so siblings or accompanying adults may need to join in! 

Part of the exhibition includes a Virtual Reality experience of what it’s like to be in space. This is available to everyone aged 8+, and each space walk experience lasts around five minutes. Miss 8 said she got a bit scared and frustrated that she might not finish the mission, but she loved it! Similarly, she said she also loved the rocket blast off simulation. This seats four children and simulates the countdown process of a rocket take off. We should have brought Miss 8’s ear protection because it was a little loud for her sensory sensitivities. However, she loved the experience and wanted to go back again and again. 

In addition, there is a live show called ‘Blast Off!’, which performs four times a day. This cute and educational puppet show is aimed at ages 3 to 7, and features audience participation. The story involves friends Lucy and Scruffy, as Lucy builds her rocket and blasts off into space. Along the way, children help them on their mission. After the show, children have a chance to meet Scruffy and give him pats and belly rubs. 


But wait, there’s more!

Further to this, Scitech features permanent interactive galleries full of scientific ideas to explore. The first to explore is the WA Science Zone. This is a showcase of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Interact with the enormous interactive digital wall. This features science happenings in and around WA. 

Explore Your World features everyday science and over 40 interactive exhibits! This permanent gallery permanent gallery sits at the core of Scitech. Discover how liquids behave, learn about weather phenomenon, or how sound can travel across a room, just as an example. 

Attached to the WA Science Zone and the Explore Your World gallery is Kaartadjin Koorliny. This is a gallery where ‘physical meets digital, virtual meets actual, and the imaginary comes to life.’ ‘Kaartadjin Koorliny’ is a phrase from local Nyoongar Aboriginal language, which means ‘learning is always moving’. The name is truly fitting.

The lights and sounds are a feast for the senses. Immerse yourselves in the coloured lights, play with the moving pneumatic pipes, interact with musical lighting that responds to body movements and much more. Build your own racer or build a cube from soft foam blocks, experiment with making a stop motion movie, or create a rainbow from LEDS and electrical cables. There’s lots to do and lots to learn! Miss 8 enjoyed playing with a musical brain trainer, trying to catch the coloured scarves shooting from the pneumatic pipes, and trying to lower a submarine and bring it back up safely. 

For children under 6 years, there is Discoverland, designed up for them. This section of Scitech features all the joys of a soft play centre mixed with the wonders of science. Pram parking is available inside Discoverland, and with one entrance in and out, you’re unlikely to have a little one escape. Explore shapes, colours and games to generate bubbles in the Curiosity Zone. Learn to work as a team and learn to identify shapes and colours in the Construction Zone. In a familiar environment of home and the backyard, children will develop their motor and numeracy skills through practicing sorting and patterning. Children race boats, experimenting with water flow and learning about its sources in the Water Zone. There is lots to play with and explore! This section was always a favourite with Miss 8 when she was little. 

Towards the rear of the centre, explore Rio Tinto Innovation Central. This is another permanent exhibition space featuring an evolving showcase of the latest innovations in science, creativity and new technology. If you child is a tinkerer and interested in STEM, this is the place for them! See real world applications of innovations and technology in these exhibitions. Your child will foster their inner creator in making their own flying machine out of simple materials for example. We had fun building a couple out of a paper cup and a lid that spun and floated. Another machine tested different parachutes, which towards the back there are soft foam blocks to build with.

Additionally, we also found a mini amphitheatre at the back of this section. This was a good spot to stop for a break. During the school holidays, Scitech features pop up science shows on different topics. On the day we visited, we learned about static electricity. The show was interactive, with kids answering questions and helping out with experiments. At the end, the presenter called for a volunteer aged 10+ to show how the Van De Graaff machine works. Between these live pop up shows, there is a screen showing toy tear down videos. My Miss 8 found both the videos and the live science fascinating. 

If you’re in need of refreshments during your visit, there is cafeteria style seating called City Views at the far end of the centre. As the name implies, this has a fantastic view of our beautiful city. This has a café selling coffees, hot food such as sausage rolls and spinach and ricotta rolls, slices, muffins and sandwiches. Likewise, there is a group of vending machines selling cold drinks and snacks. You are also welcome to bring your own snacks and baby food from home. It’s a comfortable place to stop and relax during your visit. 

This café section is also home to The Visible Hive, an indoor bee hive. Here, you can watch nature at work as the busy little bees come and go as they produce food for their colony. Can you spot the queen? 

There is a gift shop on the way out. However, the centre has been cleverly designed that you can skip straight past to the exit. This is perfect if you feel your kids can’t handle more sensory input or if you’re visiting on a budget. You can walk straight past, pay for parking if needed and head home. 

To sum up, Scitech is amazing for a  family day out. If you have a child with a curious mind, they’re sure to get so much out of a visit. You may even answer some questions you’ve been wondering yourself. It you find yourself visiting often, it may be worth investing in a membership so you can come and go as often as you like throughout the year. A membership will also entitle you to discounts, newsletters and access to exclusive member events. I’d forgotten how much we love exploring Scitech. We hadn’t been for a couple of years. It’s such a positive and creative space, so we’ll be sure to head back for a visit soon. 



Located with City West on the corner of Railway Parade and Sutherland Street, West Perth. 

Scitech is open 9.30am to 4pm seven days a week. 

Tickets are available online and via the onsite ticket office. 

Parking is available onsite. Parking is free for the first two hours. Otherwise Scitech visitors have access to a $5 for five hours ticket via machines inside the centre. 

Scitech’s toy tear down videos can also be found online


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