As a parent of adventurous children, I’m always on the lookout for exciting ways to engage with nature while keeping them entertained and educated. So, when I heard about the new Yanchep National Park Play Trail, I knew it was something we had to try! With my three children, aged 12, 7, and 6, in tow, we embarked on this captivating journey that seamlessly blends nature, fun, education and technology.

One of the standout features of the Yanchep National Park Play Trail is its accessibility to families. It’s designed to cater to a wide age range, making it an ideal outing for both young families and grandparents looking to bond with their grandchildren. My younger two absolutely relished the challenges it presented, while my eldest, discovered a newfound interest in navigation, taking charge of our journey through the National Park. Like most tweens, she also loved the selfie challenge!

The Play Trail is accessible through the NaturePlay app, which not only adds a layer of interactivity but also serves as an educational tool. As we explored the park, we had access to a wealth of information about Aboriginal culture, the park’s history, and its diverse flora and fauna. Despite thinking we knew the park well, we were delighted to uncover hidden gems and learn fascinating facts we hadn’t come across before. Without giving too much away, the boys were particularly intrigued to discover that the “giant hotdog roll” wasn’t what they initially thought!

The Play Trail’s focus on the core visitor area of Yanchep National Park ensures that you get to explore the most iconic and beautiful parts of the park while having a great time. There are 8 different locations to discover, all accessible by pram and wheelchair. The trail took us about an hour to complete, covering a distance of approximately 1.2km.

The content’s alignment with the park’s essence makes the experience not only enjoyable but also enriching, making it a perfect fit for homeschooling families looking to combine outdoor adventures with education. For those who prefer a hard copy resource, an A5 booklet with the map and waypoints, along with waypoint facts and illustrations, are available at the Visitor Centre. This booklet can be used in conjunction with the app or for families who have multiple kids or kids without mobile phones.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a downloadable certificate of achievement. And for those who love a little competition, like my eldest, you can check out the scoreboard to see how your score measures up against others. Plus, it’s important to note that the Yanchep National Park Play Trail is designed for all families, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned visitor or a first-timer.

Yanchep National Park Play Trail is completely free to enjoy! However, do keep in mind that there is a park entry fee of $15 per vehicle. If you are lucky enough to live within the City of Wanneroo, you are able to purchase a discounted annual park pass here!

Yanchep National Park Play Trail

Yanchep National Park, Ghost House Road, Yanchep

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