There’s a new mini golf course at Masonmill! The exciting addition to the family-friendly hills restaurant is loads of fun.

We collected our golf clubs (which come in 3 different heights), score sheet and brightly coloured balls from the lodge. Here there’s a cafe, as well as ice creams and cold drinks for sale. Under the pergolas are shady picnic tables and a small fenced and gated area with a few picnic tables too, to keep toddlers close by.

Masonmill Mini Golf

The terraced course is mainly flat, so easily accessed by most people, though the gravel footpaths are not be easily navigated by prams or wheelchairs. There is a planned toddler golf currently in the works.

Masonmill Mini Golf

The course is very rustic with local materials, like logs and huge coffee rocks used as obstacles. The logs are perfect for sitting on if you’re waiting your turn to putt. 

The mini golf is challenging, but not difficult, we didn’t often go over the seven-stroke limit on a hole. There are a few tight angles, tunnels, “bunkers” and slopes – just to make things tricky! We enjoyed it and Little Chef was happy not to come last – that was his Nanna haha!

Masonmill Mini Golf

Make sure you slip, slop, slap – being a new attraction the trees that have been planted don’t provide any shade yet and the whole course is in full sun. In summer, the floodlit mini golf course is planned to be open on Friday and Saturday nights too.

Masonmill Mini Golf

Spring is a beautiful time of year to visit Masonmill, which has stunning rose gardens to explore in between the restaurant and mini golf. What many people don’t know about is the hidden French Gardens, found up some steps behind the restaurant. They are absolutely spectacular and the kids will love a wander around the pathways and find beautifully manicured hidden nooks. 

Masonmill Mini Golf
Masonmill Mini Golf

Masonmill is located at 40 Masonmill Road, Carmel.  For more information visit

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