Jungle Gym Willetton is a kids paradise full of colour, trampolines, swinging ropes, jumping mats, giant slides and more. The session is run for two hours and my daughter was on the go the whole time. Take plenty of water as the kids will get thirsty.

Jungle Gym Willetton

The play area is fully gated and you must leave any belongings in the pigeon holes provided just near the entrance. There is a list of rules on the gate which include no bags of any size, no shoes or socks, no food or drink and no prams or capsules. The toilets are also located near the pigeon holes and there s a baby change area. There is also a toilet located on the gym floor towards the back.

Jungle Gym Willetton Jungle Gym Willetton

Jungle Gym Willetton is a large warehouse that has been set up with trampolines, soft mats, swinging ropes, balancing bars and beams and foam pits. There is also a corner for the younger babies/toddlers who might find some of the other equipment out of their reach. This area is set up with car slides, Little ride ons, small balancing beams, large building blocks, wooden crocodile and fit balls to roll around. The only seating inside the gym area is near here.

Jungle Gym Willetton

The rest is of the play area has a range of equipment suiting different ages and different skills levels. It is an actual gymnasium so has hanging ropes, beams, balance bars of different heights to try.

Jungle Gym Willetton

Jungle Gym Willetton

On this visit, my 4-year-old daughter loved the swinging ropes and the trampolines the best. There were several trampolines throughout the area so if one got too busy we’d go find another. The same with the swinging rope, if the line for one became too big she would wander off and find another swinging rope or rings to try.

Jungle Gym WillettonJungle Gym Willetton

There are a couple of large inflatable slides in the centre. My daughter wasn’t interested in trying either of them but they looked like the kids that were using them were having fun.

Jungle Gym WillettonJungle Gym Willetton

There were some smaller slides set up so when the kids went down the landed in a foam pit. Some of the balance bars and swinging ropes were also set up this way so if the kids fell it was a soft landing. It can take some wriggling and effort to get out though. Some of the soft mats are set up so the kids can crawl through them as well as climb over them.

Jungle Gym Willetton

During the session, there was a gentle reminder that if the kids couldn’t climb the equipment themselves they shouldn’t be using it and no adults are to use any of the equipment. There is background music playing a mix of kids and popular chart music. About halfway through the session one of the staff came out and helped the kids do forward rolls.

Jungle Gym Willetton

If you or your child need a break during the session there is a room set up to the side of the entrance where you can have a snack or drink. There is also an upstairs area which was closed when we visited.  There is very limited food and drink options to buy so it’s a good idea to bring some of your own. This visit I couldn’t get my daughter out of the play area until the session finished so we stayed a little while after and had a drink and snacks. I tried one of the coffees out of the machine and it wasn’t terrible.

Jungle Gym Willetton

There really is plenty for the kids to do and try. We hadn’t been for some time but I noticed my daughter tried completely different things this time and in just the one session her confidence in doing new things really improved.

Jungle Gym Willetton is located 24 Gympie Way Willetton. There is parking available. For more information visit their website.

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  1. Caroline Eadie 4 years ago

    How much is the entry fee for jungle gym? What are the session times? Is there a website?

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