If you’re looking for your next family adventure then check out our amazing fun packed weekend cycling on Rottnest Island. We had such a great time we’ll definitely book another weekend cycling with the kids around Rottnest, especially now we know what the expect.

We were 3 families travelling together from Hillary’s Rottnest Fast Ferries.  We took our own bikes and one family hired their bikes from Rottnest Fast Ferries.

You can choose sizes to suit your height and there were plenty of options for the kids. I would definitely a bike with gears for both kids and the adults as there are plenty of hills to climb.

We booked our ferry tickets online and collected our tickets from Rottnest Fast Ferries main office at Hillarys Boat Harbour.  Our weekend bags were labelled and put onto the boat for us so you won’t see them again until you check-in to your accommodation at around 2pm in the afternoon. We took our back packs full of water, swimming and snorkelling gear, sunscreen, snacks and a change of clothes.  We took the 8am early ferry across so we knew we had a few hours to explore the Island and check out a beach before we could check-in and see our bags again.

As you walk up to the ferry and the very kind staff will take your bikes onto the boat and secure them in the hold for you.  So you don’t need to worry about them until you get off the other side.  Best to clip your bike helmets to your bike before you board.

Once onboard we found a spot to sit together and the very bumpy ride started!

Once settled a few of our headed outside to watch the scenery and exhilarating ride!!

Half of the kids loved the spray from the water whilst the other half were happy to sit inside.

On arrival at Rottnest Island we were handed our bikes from the ferry and we headed straight for the information centre to gets maps of the Island.

Off we went!  All the kids had their own back-packs and my husband even took a surf board, which he didn’t use all weekend!  There is very little water available as you go round the Island so make sure you all have enough to go round as well as a few snacks to give the kids some encouragement along the way.

We were surprised at how leafy and green Rottnest Island is, masses of mature trees and rolling hills…the latter was also a surprise so prepare yourself and the kids for some walking up hills.

After a few hours we came across a lovely beach for a snorkel and swim before heading back to the main area and our accommodation.  We left our bikes locked up at the top of the beach and walked down.

The snorkelling was amazing and saw many varieties of fish.

After a refreshing swim and snorkel we headed back on the road again. There are no cars allowed on Rottnest Island but there are tourist buses so you still have to watch out for them driving bar and pulling out at busy drop off points.

If you go to Rottnest Island and want to meet one of the very friendly Quokka’s then you won’t be disappointed, they’re all over the place!!  Now you’re not supposed to touch them or feed them but they’re so super friendly they just come right up to you and jump on you and even nibble you.  The Island is visited by many tourists who don’t realise you’re not supposed to touch or feed them so hence they have become very tame. Some are even quite good at taking selfies 😉

We made our way to our accommodation for the weekend.  We booked a family cottage with a view overlooking Thomson Bay.  The cottages are fully equipped for self catering and includes a fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, hob, TV, sofa, cuttlery and crockery etc.. etc..

The bedrooms were really comfy and included a wardrobe.

We had fantastic views from our back veranda completely with tables and chairs and a sofa. We even had our own little bit of beach directly in front of our cottage.

Oh and great trees for climbing!

Time was getting on and were tired from our first day of adventure so we headed out for dinner at the hotel.  There’s a huge outdoor area with tables and chair and plenty of space for the kids to run around and play whilst the adults wound down for the evening. 

Next morning we were off again on our bikes to do more exploring and to find another beach for a swim and snorkel.

It didn’t take long cycling on Rottnest Island before we found a beach with no one else on it and we pretty much had the beach to ourselves for a few hours 😉

Apart from the odd Seagull of course 😉

The kids decided they wanted to try out the arcade and trampoline centre for an hour before lunch. So we complied so we could get some peace and a coffee. The kids bounced and played and ran out of money fairly quickly so it was short lived!

Lunchtime is easy as there’s plenty of choice of restaurants and cafe‘s and with varies offerings of cuisines.  The kids favoured the bakery which had loads of pies, sausage rolls and sandwiches to choose from.

…and a few sweet baked goods of course!

We sat outside with our bikes locked up and enjoyed watching the tourists and hustle and bustle of the main hub at Rottnest Island.

The Quokka’s were old news by the time we got to eating and they became more of a nuisance than a novelty, so watch your food and your bags and they’re crafty little Quokka’s!       

After a wonderful and memorable weekend cycling on Rottnest Island we return on the ferry and shared our stories with each other before heading back home, tired but very happy.        I hope you enjoy Cycling on Rottnest Island, please let me know what you think and if you have any questions.

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