Looking for Rottnest cafes? Whether you’re visiting for the day or staying for a week, you’ll want to know all the best family-friendly options for dining on Rottnest Island. You can’t go past a Rotto Bakery fresh bake, and you could well need a takeaway coffee for fueling your bike ride! The whole family is sure to enjoy an afternoon ice cream from Simmos too. We’ve got the low-down on all of the best places on Rotto to grab a take away dinner or casual bite to eat – where sandy feet are more than welcome! Here’s our guide to the best cafes on Rottnest Island;

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Rottnest Bakery, Thomson Bay

The first stop at Rotto just HAS to be Rottnest Bakery! The island icon has something to please everyone – no matter if you have a savoury or sweet tooth. There are freshly baked pies and sausage rolls, to vanilla slices, muffins and jam doughnuts. Their freshly made sandwiches are handy if you want to take something in the coolie bag for lunch, some of the more remote beaches have limited, if any food options. 

Staying on the island? Rottnest Bakery’s roast chicken, chips and salad packs from the Bakery’s Chook Shack window make for an easy (and tasty) family feed.

Find Rottnest Bakery at the Somerville Mall, Maley Street, Rottnest. 


Dome Café, Thompson Bay

Close to the ferry jetty, Dome café overlooks Thomson Bay. The West Aussie spot offers up their usual selection of breakfast, lunch, cake and snacks, as well as coffee, tea and other hot and cold drinks. They are also open for dinner on Saturday nights, with a selection of beers and wines. Kids will love their milkshakes and freddo Frappuccinos! There’s a playground opposite Dome Cafe too. 

Find Dome Cafe at Colebatch Ave, Rottnest. 


The Lane, Thomson Bay

My personal go-to, The Lane’s baristas make an excellent cup of coffee. This tiny take away offers up freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, acai bowls and breakfast and lunch options. Their “posh dogs”, gourmet hot dogs HAVE to be tried! The Lane also caters well for gluten-free, lactose free, vegan and vegetarian diets. There’s outdoor seating out the front too, so you can eat, while quokkas and peacocks roam all around you.  

Find The Lane at the Somerville Mall, Maley Street, Rottnest. 


Simmos Rottnest

Simmos is West Australian through and through! Made in the south west town of Dunsborough, the award winning Simmos Ice Cream uses the freshest local Western Australian produce with a sprinkle of a few secret ingredients to make their marvellous frozen creations. Choosing from Simmos 60 flavours of ice cream is a seriously delicious dilemma. Dietary options and sorbets are also available. Find Simmos next to The Lane, where you can eat on the deck, while doing a little quokka spotting.

Find Simmos at the Somerville Mall, Maley Street, Rottnest. 


Subway Rottnest

Subway is a super easy go-to for fresh and fast subs, salads and wraps. The international favourite also has cold drinks, freshly baked cookies, FitChips and even pizza! Did you know that Subway Rottnest is the only branch in Australia that offers pizza, which is available in both 9 and 12 inch sizes. These pizzas are oven cooked in less than 5 minutes – fast food indeed. Subway Rotto also offers catering. 

Find Subway Rottnest in the Somerville Mall, Maley Street, Rottnest. 


Have we missed any of your favourite casual bites, take aways or Rottnest cafés? Let us know your top picks in the comments below!

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