Caves in Margaret River

There is no denying that the Margaret River region in the south west is full of many excellent tourist attractions. However, some of the most popular attractions here are the gorgeous caves. When you visit Margaret River, you’re probably going to be on a pretty dense schedule, so planning your visit is always recommended. 

You may have time to visit all of them, or you may only have time to see one. No matter your circumstances, a cave on this list will certainly fulfil your needs. Here are some of the best caves for you to choose from and what they can offer you.

This way, no matter which one you visit, you will enjoy an awe-inspiring experience you will never forget. Read about some of the best caves in Margaret River below!


Caves in the Margaret River Region

Ngilgi Cave

Ngilgi Cave, formerly known as Yallingup Cave, is situated on the busy Caves Road between Dunsborough and Yallingup. It is about a 35-minute drive north of Margaret River. This looming cave was discovered in 1899.

Ngilgi Cave was the very first cave in all of Western Australia to be open to tourists. Since then, it has remained one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole Margaret River region. Plenty of different tours are offered here from safe options to action-packed adventure tours. 

You can even enjoy fully guided tours semi-guided tours.

Location: 76 Yallingup Caves Rd, Yallingup, 6282

Ngilgi Cave

Jewel Cave

Jewel Cave is only 30 minutes south of Margaret River in Augusta. This cave has been named many times as the largest tourist cave in all of Western Australia. Perhaps the biggest draw card is that it features one of the longest straw stalactites found in the entire world.

Straw stalactites found in any tourist cave are destined to draw attention. Visitors from all around the world travel here just to enjoy this cave and what it has to offer. It has also been named as the world’s most spectacular show cave many times and the best tourist cave in the world.

It is encrusted with stunning crystal formations throughout the three massive chambers of the cave. It is such a magical experience that the whole family can enjoy in the limestone cave. Being only a 30 minute drive south of Margaret River, you can make an entire day out of adventuring in this area.

Make sure you don’t miss this stunning crystal wonderland of gleaming crystal ornaments.

Location: Jewel Caves Rd, Deepdene, 6290

Jewel Cave, Augusta

Lake Cave

Located on Conto and along Caves Road down in Boranup, Lake Cave is only a 15-minute drive south of the Margaret River town centre. As you wander down 350 steep steps, you will be in awe of the stunning natural landscape surrounding you. Once you enter the cave, you will feel as if you have stepped into another world entirely.

The gorgeous permanent lake within the cave reflects every single detail of the cave itself. Outside of the cave is the great viewing platform known as the Lake Cave deck in the treetops that reveals spectacular views. If you’re looking for a breathtaking experience, Lake Cave will always provide that.

Location: Caves Rd &, Conto Rd, Forest Grove, 6286


Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave, much like the name suggests, is an absolutely massive cave. It is around 500 metres long and 30 metres in depth! It is also one of the only caves in Western Australia that has fossils inside. 

During the winter months, there is a quaint little stream that slowly flows through the cave. It reflects the inside of the cave to create an appearance that can only be described as enchanting. It is also one of the more accessible caves with wheelchair access available to the first chamber.

Enjoy a self-guided tour in which visitors can listen to an MP3 player throughout the tour. Walk along accessible boardwalks and enjoy the different tours on offer.

Location: Caves Rd, Forest Grove, 6286

Mammoth Cave, Margaret River

Giants Cave

If adventure is what you’re looking for, Giants Cave has to be on your list when you head to the Margaret River region. You can navigate tight spots, vertical ladder climbs, rock scrambles, gigantic chambers, walkways, and natural cave floors for over half a kilometre.

This 86m deep cave is located only 15 minutes from Margaret River.

Location: Caves Rd, Boranup, 6286

Giants Cave

Calgardup Cave

Admission: Free

This cave offers great self-guided tours that allow you to leisurely stroll throughout this cave. Being 27 metres deep and 150 metres long, this large cave is not super popular, but it definitely should be. In this cave, you can experience total darkness and silence which makes it a very immersive experience. 

Explore the cave and the massive chambers with several tonnes of stalagmites, curtains, spires, spikes, and flowstones. Located in Leeuwin, home of the famous Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, there is a lot to see in this area. Enjoy a cave tour and then explore around Australia’s south west region.

Location: Caves Rd, Forest Grove, 6286


Tips to Keep in Mind

·      Wear comfortable walking shoes.

·      Carry babies in a front carrier to keep your hands free to hold the stair rails.

·      Book ahead to ensure you can secure a ticket.

·      Pack water and snacks for the road trip.


With all of this in mind, you can enjoy a lovely trip down south to check out these gorgeous attractions! If you like to explore caves, this list features some of the best.


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