With so many new breweries and wineries down south it can be hard to know where to go. There are some amazing kid friendly ones out there that have large and aesthetically pleasing play areas and perfect spaces for those wine photos. All the new and updated places have you wanting to book in to go, and with it being school holidays it can be hard to get a table.

For once, not planning ahead worked out well. It was coming up to Easter weekend, and we hadn’t booked somewhere to have lunch. Googling all the family-friendly spots with play areas, we missed out on the top options as they were fully booked.

We ended up booking Bootleg Brewery as the only option we could find that still had a play area for my toddler. It was a location I hadn’t been to before, and it didn’t seem to have the Instagram hype for me to get any sense of what it was like.

When we arrived at Bootleg Brewery, it was not overcrowded for an Easter Saturday at lunchtime, which was good to see. We were able to have a table in the shade and still see over to the play area that my daughter ran straight towards.

I knew it was going to get busy, so we ordered straight away to get settled in. A Tandoori chicken salad, two chicken burgers, ribs and a kid’s chicken nuggets and we were off.

The place then began to get busy with families and wine tours. My daughter continued to play happily in the play area. It was definitely an older toddler and above play area, but she had a blast. It was a sand-based play area with multiple climbing obstacles and a large slide. 

The place has recently changed owners, and some things do need updating, but they appear to be getting there slowly. A previous Google review mentioned the shade sails being worn and hanging down, and these seemed to have been taken down to tidy up the place. 

The biggest struggle appeared to be the line to order food and drink with only two staff behind the bar. This was followed by the wait time for food as it came to the end of lunch. Luckily, we ordered early, so we appeared to miss the rush.

I’m not one to rave about a salad but the tandoori chicken salad really was delicious, and I could have eaten a second, the burgers were average, and the ribs were decent and cheaper than most being only $28. My daughter’s nuggets and chips were a good size and price, and pleased her well enough. The pizzas appeared to be a popular and speedy choice.

Overall, it was a nice lunch. All I wanted was somewhere that had a play area so that we could all have a chilled time, and I got that and a good meal. I liked that it wasn’t a huge venue, and I was able to watch my daughter play and feel like she was safe. The food did the job, and I would just recommend getting there early to order and perhaps double parking the drinks to avoid waiting in line so often.

When you just want a quick and easy lunch with the kids, I would give this one a try. It’s an old favourite that just needs some time to get back up and running smoothly.


Bootleg Brewery website

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