Perth has loads of “Mega Parks” that are the best of the best playgrounds in Perth. These are far bigger and have more to do than your average suburban playground. With every new park that opens they just keep getting bigger and better – here’s our updated guide to Mega Parks in Perth – that are found north of Perth.

Amberton Beach Lighthouse Park, Eglinton

Amberton Beach Lighthouse Park, Eglinton

Amberton Beach Lighthouse Park is an incredible 5 million dollar foreshore playground that features an 8.5 metre tall lighthouse with twisting tunnel slides, a ship play structure, sand play, a rope maze, basketball court and more – the kids will never want to go home! The Lighthouse Park is found opposite Amberton Beach, as well as The Amberton Beach Bar and Kitchen, meaning it’s a prime spot to enjoy a sunny day in Perth! Read more in the Buggybuddys review. 

Find Amberton Beach Lighthouse Park atIdyllic View, Eglinton.


Treasure Island Adventure Playground, Alkimos

Shorehaven's Treasure Island Adventure Playground, Alkimos
Do you dare to walk the plank at the terrific Treasure Island Adventure Playground? It’s like stepping onto a real treasure island, with palm trees, hammocks, parrots and more. This playground, complete with ship and big slide, encourages kids to climb, swing, slide, and seek – with a series of hidden clues, puzzles to solve and treasure to find! Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Treasure Island Adventure Playground at Shorehaven Estate, 27 Portside Promenade, Alkimos.


Picasso Park, Alkimos

Picasso Park, Alkimos Vista
Picasso Park lives up to its name, offering an artistic and creative play experience for kids of all ages! The huge playground features a unique two-storey undercover play structure (meaning lots of shade and cover from the rain), with bright pink tube slides, musical play, lots of climbing obstacles, a birds nest swing, full-size basketball court and more! Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Picasso Park at the Alkimos Vista Estate, 16 Picasso Promenade, Alkimos.


Eden Beach Foreshore, Jindalee

Eden beach Foreshore Playground
A colourful playground is found at Eden Beach Foreshore. The quirky play structures are jam-packed with features! The multi-level play cubes has a huge slide, challenging climbing nets, a fireman’s pole and a toddler play area with swings, and a sand play area. Being on the coast is perfect for a picnic/BBQ in one of the picnic shelters. Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Eden Beach Foreshore playground at the Eden Beach Estate, Reflection Boulevard, Jindalee.


Kinkuna Adventure Playground, Eglinton

Kinkuna Adventure Playground, Eglinton
Kinkuna Adventure Playground has a big mix of nature play, a huge wooden fort, traditional equipment and even a splash pad during summer! Kids will love exploring the fort, and there is even sporting and exercise equipment for teens and adults. Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Kinkuna Adventure Playground at Allara Estate, Revolution Avenue, Eglinton.


Rotary Park Opportunity Playspace, Wanneroo

Rotary Park, Wanneroo

Rotary Park was one of Perth’s original mega parks, since it opened in 1979. The huge wooden fort, complete with slides, is a popular spot for a game of hide and seek! Over the years, it’s enjoyed many additions and developments. So the diverse range of play equipment is always worth re-discovering! Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Rotary Park Opportunity Playspace at Scenic Drive, Wanneroo.


Jo Wheatley All Abilities Play Space, Dalkeith

Jo Wheatley All Abilities Play Space, Dalkeith
The fun-tastic Jo Wheatley All Abilities Play Space is purpose built for all ages and abilities. Carefully built around and under existing trees, covering 10,000sq m with wheelchair access throughout, a sensory garden, flying fox, climbing obstacles, slides, swings, picnic areas, water play, toilet facilities and fully fenced… it certainly ticks all the boxes! Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Jo Wheatley All Abilities Play Space at The Esplanade, Dalkeith


Wellington Square Playground, East Perth

Wellington Square Playground East Perth

Perth’s newest inner-city playground, Wellington Square Playground, has a native Banksia plant theme. This can be spotted throughout the vast, vibrant play space. The colourful floating discs above the playground not only provides shade, but also reflect the stars and sky from Dreamtime stories. This playground has EVERYTHING – water play, a scooter track, flying foxes, basketball track, lots of climbing and swings, as well as HUGE slides. It’s definatley one of the very best parks in Perth! Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find the Wellington Square Playground at corner of Wellington and Bennet St, East Perth.

Braithwaite Park, Mount Hawthorn

Braithwaite Park, Mount Hawthorn
Nature based Braithwaite Park is designed primarily for 10 – 14 year olds, though younger children will have just as much fun! The play area features logs, stepping stones, ropes, obstacles, plants and even a zip line! Bring a change of clothes for younger children, as they won’t be able to resist splashing in the water feature! Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Braithwaite Park at Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn.

Mega Playgrounds at Kings Park

Kings Park is home to not one, but FOUR massive play areas, that each offer a different experience. Variety Place, at the Saw Avenue entrance beautifully incorporates the parks’ bush, wood, rock and other nature elements with balancing logs, timber stairways, rock tunnels, a maze and more. If that’s not enough nature for you… head to Naturescape. The two large aerial walkways or ‘The Python’ is fun to climb, there’s lots of ropes, tunnels and water to paddle in too.

Naturescape Kings Park

May Drive Parklands (formerly Synergy Parklands) features a 75m-long elevated walkway, a two-tiered island fort, large-scale replicas of dinosaurs and extinct Australian Fauna, a timber boardwalk and an interactive water misting forest. The park is a must visit for any dinosaur fan. And younger children will love playing make-believe at the Ivy Watson Playground – which has a ship, fire engine and even a castle, complete with throne!

Ivey Watson Playground (Stickybeaks), Kings Park

Mega Playgrounds in the Swan Valley

Pia’s Place, Whiteman Park

 Pia's Place, Whiteman Park
Whiteman Parks’ newest playground has been designed to allow children of all ability levels the opportunity to play and explore in an inspirational nature-based inclusive play space. The immense playground (complete with massive lighthouse slide!) is fully fenced and includes toilets, BBQs, picnic shelters, drinking fountains throughout the play space – making it easy to spend the whole day there! Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Pia’s Place at Mussel Pool East, Whiteman Park.


Jungle Park, Brabham

The epic jungle-themed playground offers a unique playing experience for kids. The play equipment has been designed to challenge kids’ skills and abilities in climbing, jumping, and simply having loads of fun! The tall tunnel slide is a highlight kids will want to ride again and again! Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Jungle Park at Whiteman Edge Estate, Everglades Avenue, Brabham


Aviary Creek Park, Aveley

A giant water wheel with twisting tunnel slides takes centre stage at this playground. Built around two natural lakes, there’s water-play features here, as well as a bocce court, swings and traditional equipment for toddlers, pre-schoolers and big kids. Read more in the Buggybuddys review 

Find Aviary Creek Park at Hancock Avenue, Aveley.


Livvi’s Place, Brabham

Livvi's Place Playground Whiteman Edge
Livvi’s Place Playground is an all-inclusive playground which is a result of a partnership between Stockland and the Touched By Olivia Foundation. The play equipment is designed specifically to cater for all children – particularly those with autism spectrum disorders, physical, visual, hearing and mobility impairments. Livvi’s Place playground is also fully fenced, so handy for little Houdini’s. Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Livvi’s Place at the Whiteman Edge Estate, Mayfield Drive, Brabham.


Have we missed your favourite playground north of the river? Let us know the best parks in Perth in the comments below!

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