The ultimate Sunday brunch just isn’t complete without a delicious, steaming stack of freshly cooked pancakes and a smooth coffee. Though, we really don’t think pancakes should be reserved for only one day of the week. Sweet or savoury, as long as the pancakes are stacked high and absolutely scrumptious, they’ve made this list!

Here are the top spots to find the best pancakes in Perth!


Pancakes in Perth, Western Australia

Nic and Kolo Perth


Nik and Kolo in Applecross quickly rose to fame when people realised just how delicious the cinnamon scroll pancakes are here. Honestly, once you try them, not a single pancake place can compare. These pancakes are packed with goodness such as a cheesecake glaze and cinnamon.

They will completely blow your mind! If you love both cinnamon scrolls and pancakes, you have to bring the family to try these bad boys!


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Elixir, also known as the place, to enjoy the true, holy grail of pancakes, is the number one place to get your paws on some pancakes! Any dessert lover will need to check this awesome place out! There are a few awesome pancake options to choose from here including the Lemon Meringue and Passionfruit, S’mores, and even the Classic.

They’re huge servings, so make sure your pants have a little extra give in them!


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Cherry and Grapes

West Perth

If you’re searching for some amazing fat souffle-style pancakes in the area, you can never go past the thick pancakes at Cherry and Grapes. They change their flavours seasonally and these flavours often include Mango Magic with fresh mango, crushed meringue, compote, and Chantilly.

They have also sold the Berry Divine which is packed with amazing, creamy vanilla ice cream, and juicy berries. There is no denying that Cherry and Grapes have got it going on when it comes to finding the best pancakes in Perth.


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Victoria Park

Victoria Park is home to many awesome places to check out. So, when you’re there, make sure you make the effort to check out Decanter! Decanter offers some pretty amazing souffle pancakes on their menu that are fluffy yet dense while being absolutely delicious.

Decanter seems to always be changing its souffle pancakes menu to match the season. Previously, they have offered menu options such as Banoffee pancakes. Passion for Mango, and so many more amazing options.  Good luck choosing from their awesome options! 

You will need it!


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Bib & Tucker

North Fremantle

Trying to order at Bib & Tucker was hard enough before they added these absolutely amazing pancakes to the menu! Their pancakes are literally the best thing on this earth, and we aren’t exaggerating. The buttermilk banana pancakes on the menu are well-topped with pecan, salted caramel, and Tasmanian double cream.

Eating them is like walking through the pearly gates. They really are pure perfection. Keep the day going and head back later to enjoy their amazing lunch menu.

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Kumo is a super popular little location in Northbridge that people never seem to stop talking about. That is why it is no surprise that it made the list. The souffle pancakes here are absolutely insane and even more so fluffy.

They are picture-perfect for you to snap that photo for your Instagram story! They drizzle all of their pancakes with exciting things such as syrup, sauce, and ice cream. Make sure you stop by and try some of their best-sellers such as their Baconana which is a mix of both bacon and banana.

They also have the popular Boba Brulee Bomb which is a super cool pancake stack combining things such as boba pearls, caramelised custard, and black sugar syrup. If fluffy, fat, and delicious pancake stacks are your thing, you must visit Kumo in Northbridge.


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Duck Duck Bruce Fremantle


Duck Duck Bruce in Fremantle is a super popular little spot. Everyone piles in here to get in and try all of the delicious menu items. That is why it is no shock that their pancakes are super popular. 

You can choose to enjoy your pancakes in the courtyard or sit in the cosy inside area. Their ‘Orange Is the New Stack’ pancakes are seriously the bomb. It is a stack f amazing vanilla pancakes topped with poppyseed cheesecake whip, burnt orange curd, and gingerbread crumb.

Are you drooling yet, or is it just us?


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Little H


The Pavlova Pancakes from Little H will always be impressive. Is it really hard to guess why? These coconut pancakes are topped with meringue, mascarpone, and delicious summer fruits such as kiwi fruit, blueberries, and insane passionfruit syrup. 

They are super fresh, super delicious, and simply the best.



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Good Things

Mosman Park

Good Things serve a super cool little diner-style hotcake that is just so crispy, fluffy, and delicious. The toppings here are all seasonal. However, let us assure you that no matter what toppings you get, you will be so happy!

You can choose between a full, half, or fat stack depending on how hungry you may be. They may even become your favourite pancakes! They’re a little different from your normal pancakes, but boy they’re good! 


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If you haven’t heard of Padbury’s, are you even from Perth? Padbury’s offers up some pretty damn cool pancakes. In particular, their Meringue Munro Pancakes are an absolute fan favourite. 

They come packed with a serving of honeycomb, lemon curd, lemon candy, and even some meringue! Even if you don’t live near Guildford, it is well worth the trip over there to check out the menu and enjoy some pancakes.


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Mary Street Bakery

Claremont, Highgate, West Leederville, City Beach

If you’re feeling a little tired on a Sunday morning and need a little bit of a pick-me-up, Mary Street Bakery is truly the place you want to be. The MSB Fried Chicken Pancakes are absolutely insane. This meal features a big plate with buttermilk pancakes, fried chicken, maple, peanuts, a fried egg, and some good old chilli flakes.

If you’d prefer something a little bit sweeter, you can opt for their City Beach store that serves up amazing ricotta hotcakes with mandarin Anglaise, maple, and chocolate crumb. Their Claremont store also offers this, but their version has berries, moose, and honeycomb.


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The Little Banksia Cafe


Huddled away down a cute little suburban street in Kensington is The Little Banksia. It is a super delightful little hidden gem that is a foodie’s dream. Allow yourself to be drawn in and enchanted by the buttermilk pancakes stacked with blueberry gel, caramelised banana, hazelnut chocolate, candied walnuts, vanilla mascarpone, salted caramel, and sesame brittle.

However, if you’d prefer something savoury, you have to try out the corn and kale hotcakes. They go down well as they are topped with grilled halloumi, smoked salmon, a poached egg, citrus, and dill sour cream.

There really is something at this spot for everyone.

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The Little Bay

Waterman’s Bay

The Little Bay is a picture-perfect destination. Whether you enjoy a good Instagram picture or are just looking to enjoy a great lunch with a view. This awesome little coastal café lives up to all of its good reviews and all the good people say about it.

The apple and rhubarb pancakes here are absolutely stunning and are topped with dehydrated rhubarb, almond crumble, a tiny apple, and a mini tart. To be honest, they look like they’ve been ripped out the pages of a fairy tale book.

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Fika on Brix


Sunday pancakes at Fika on Brix are insane to the point that they have almost reached legendary status. Available on only one day per week, they offer a brand-new flavour every single month. The past highlights have included blueberry and lemon with Greek yoghurt and toasted coconut, strawberry and rhubarb pie topped with meringue, and banoffee. 

It is the perfect way to spend your Sunday morning. You can even enjoy some maple syrup on top!

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Maison Saint Honore

Swan Valley, Floreat, Ellenbrook, Mount Pleasant

You’d need the strength of a soldier to resist the amazing creations at Maison Saint Honore. They offer a massive selection of pastel macarons and delicious crepes. They have options for absolutely everyone with classic French fillings. 

You can enjoy their range at four different locations now. Just make sure you have enough room in your belly to enjoy everything! 

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Are you looking for the very best pancakes in Perth? If so, you have to check out the awesome cafes listed above!



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