Getting married is such a special milestone, and it’s natural to want the day to be perfect. That said, figuring out where to start can feel overwhelming. So many decisions need to be made before you’ll find yourself walking down the aisle. Fear not, though, because we have some top tips that will help make sure the entire process runs smoothly.


1. Start Thinking Gift Registry

While some couples may be hesitant to set up a gift registry for their wedding, it is an integral part of the planning process. Setting up a registry at lets your guests know what gifts you would like and helps avoid duplicates or items lacking practicality. You can also add items from other stores and what is available to find the perfect gift for your special day.

When researching the perfect registry, consider companies offering complimentary gifts for large purchases, discounts for guests, and a wide range of items that accommodate different budgets.


2. Making a Budget and Sticking to It

A budget should be made well before shopping for vendors or supplies. This is when couples have their clearest minds and are least likely to add on extra expenses impulsively. It’s important to document both maximum and minimum allocations for each type of expense. When picking vendors, always ask how their cost fits into the budget because no one wants to overspend or be surprised with an unexpected bill.

And once the budget is determined, couples need to hold steady and ensure that no further expenditure is made beyond the agreed-upon number. With good preparation and diligence, couples can plan an incredible dream wedding – all within their predetermined budget.


3. Research Venues and Pick the Perfect One

To choose the perfect venue for your special day, it’s wise to do some research first to compare and contrast different places. Start by listing potential venues that fit your budget and vision. Consider factors like location, size, catering services, decoration options, amenities available, and cost of renting the space – plus any other criteria important to you and your partner.



Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to two or three sites, visit them personally to get an idea of what they are like up close. Ultimately it may come down to intuition. Decide whether or not a venue just ‘feels’ right for your wedding day. Remember that many venues offer discounts during certain slow months and will be able to provide packages tailored specifically for weddings.


4. Choose Your Wedding Party Attendees Carefully

Your wedding party should consist of the people closest to you who will be there to provide emotional support not only on your big day but throughout the entire process. This doesn’t mean your guests must be lifelong friends – they should be someone you trust and can count on during any potential hiccups.

Before making any decisions, consider asking family members if they’d like to join, as well as bridesmaids or groomsmen that can act as unofficial coordinators on the big day. It’s much easier (and more enjoyable) when you have a team of trustworthy confidantes by your side.


5. Book and Plan for Entertainment

Before booking a band or DJ, couples should take some time to listen to potential entertainers in action. If this isn’t possible, ask the entertainer you are interested in if they can provide work samples online. This will ensure that they know the type of music your guests will enjoy and any specific requests you may have.

When planning entertainment, the sooner you book, the better. Many entertainers and bands get booked months in advance, so plan and leave plenty of time for fine-tuning details. It’s also a good idea to put together a ‘do not play’ list, so the DJ or band knows which songs to avoid. The right entertainment will make your wedding the best and most memorable.


6. Select the Right Music for your Special Day

For this particular day, you should carefully consider a broad range of options, considering the style and tone of different combinations. In selecting the right soundtrack for your ceremony and reception, pay attention to your tastes and those of your guests.

Consider how different songs will evoke certain emotions throughout the evening’s events and contribute to creating a positive celebration atmosphere. Take time to research and develop playlists ensuring that no detail is left out – for when it comes to music and weddings, all the little pieces combined can make for a fantastic experience.

As you work through your wedding plans, remember to take time out to enjoy this momentous occasion in your life fully. Do what you can to keep stress levels low by taking deep breaths, meditating if needed, and always remembering to practice self-care. Above all else, don’t be afraid to ask for help – friends and family will gladly lend a helping hand.



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