Toddler Sense, Joondalup

Toddler Sense is an award-winning activity programme for children aged 13 months to 4 years-old. Each class runs for one hour, the activities are designed to keep toddlers busy, active, and stimulated the entire time by offering them a magical, multi-adventure experience in a safe and happy environment. 

I recently attended a Toddler Sense class with my 20-month-old toddler, I was excited to try something new with him but a little anxious because he is extremely independent, doesn’t like to share or follow instructions so I wasn’t sure it was going to be an enjoyable experience. I was wrong! My toddler was 100% engaged in all of the activities, he enjoyed the mat sessions and listened well so we both had a fabulous time! 

Arriving at The WOW Centre Joondalup parking is a breeze with plenty of free parking options available, and the building has great street appeal so you can’t miss it. As we entered we were greeted by Emma who runs the class, she is very friendly, full of life and fantastic with kids – as other children arrived I could see they were excited to see her and she greeted all parents and children by name.  

Toddler Sense, Joondalup

Before entering the mat area, you need to take off your shoes (socks on is optional). There are pigeonholes for your belongings.  

Toddler Sense, Joondalup

Every week at Toddler Sense the theme is different, on the day we visited the theme was frogs. Even though every week has a different theme and activities the routine stays the same.  

The class starts with free play to help children settle in and burn off some energy – it was the perfect start for my toddler who was pretending to be shy. The free play space is equipped with a bouncy castle with slide, large foam blocks, balancing beam, crawling tunnels and lots of other bits to keep the kids active, as well as encouraging them to socialise and play nicely together. 

Toddler Sense, Joondalup Toddler Sense, Joondalup Toddler Sense, Joondalup

After about 20 minutes of free play, Emma lets the children know playtime is over and plays the special pack away song. I was amazed to see all the regular children almost immediately stop playing and help push all the foam blocks to the side of the room and tidy up. Watching everyone else also encouraged my toddler to help pack away the equipment, it is something I have started to implement at home as well.  

Next, we moved to the activity area to sing the welcome song, before the song started the children were given rhythm sticks and encouraged to tap along to the music.  

Toddler Sense, Joondalup

Then we moved on to some structured activities, including songs with actions, parachute, and interactive games.

One of the games we played was a pass the parcel type game with the blown up frogs, to encourage the children to share and taking turns.

Toddler Sense, Joondalup

All the toddlers loved making the frog jump on the parachute as they used their arms to move it up and down. As the parachute was lifted higher the parents did all the work while the toddlers enjoyed running underneath.

Toddler Sense, Joondalup

The fishing game was a highlight for my toddler, especially when Emma brought out the bubbles.  

Toddler Sense, Joondalup

The class finishes with a goodbye song, the toddlers are encouraged to follow along with the actions.

Toddler Sense, Joondalup

All activities are based on current research into toddler learning and development and are aimed to:
– promote a positive attitude toward exercise
– to keep children mentally alert
– to develop imagination and creativity
– to promote social and emotional development
– to enhance language and communication skills
– to gain a basic understanding of mathematics
– to develop an understanding of the world in a fun and energetic way

Classes operate during the school term. Bookings are made in 10 week blocks with 10 x 1 hour sessions. Sibling, twin and group discounts apply. 

Toddler Sense classes run in various locations across Perth and in the Rockingham/Mandurah area.  Enrolments for Term 1 2018 are now open, although you can join at any time subject to availability.  Find your nearest class at

For younger children, there are Baby Sensory classes available.

We had such a great time I have decided to book my toddler in for ongoing classes to help build on his language development and social interaction in a place where he can also have fun running, jumping, climbing and crawling… it really is the best of both worlds!

To find out more information about Toddler Sense visit their website.

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