Baby Sensory, Joondalup

Baby Sensory is a multi-award winning programme specially designed to enhance the learning and development of babies from birth to 13 months.

I recently attended a Baby Sensory class with my 10 month old. As we arrived at The WOW Centre Joondalup there is plenty of free parking available, and the building has great street appeal so you can’t miss it. As we entered we were greeted by Emma who runs the class, she is very friendly, full of life and fantastic with kids,  as other parents arrived with their little ones she greeted all parents and children by name.  

Toddler Sense, Joondalup

Before entering the mat area, you need to take off your shoes (socks on is optional). There are pigeonholes for your belongings.  

Toddler Sense, Joondalup

Every week at Baby Sensory the theme and activities are different, but the routine stays the same. On the day we visited the theme was Jungle Animals.

The class starts on the mat area with the ‘’Say Hello to the Sun’’ welcome song, which includes baby signing, Emma holds large flash cards that match the words in the song and the babies are encouraged to do simple hand movements, for the younger babies parents can move their hands to help their baby or simply show them the actions.

Baby Sensory, Joondalup

The research-based activities start straight after the welcome song, each baby was given two plastic maracas to shake along to the music – while most babies enjoyed eating their maracas the babies were encouraged to shake along to the music.

Baby Sensory, Joondalup

Next was story time, we moved in to create a smaller circle, Emma explained the importance of reading to your baby with different tones and gestures.

Baby Sensory, Joondalup

At the end of each activity, parents are encouraged to reward their baby by clapping, clapping promotes happiness and as your baby learns how to clap themselves it enhances their hand-eye coordination and concentration.

After 25 minutes of sensory enriched activities, babies are given a 15 minute break. This structure mimics baby’s natural play-rest-play cycle, ensuring they get the most out the of the session. Babies have access to the gated play area, inside there is a great variety of toys, including stuffed animals, blow-ups and books to tie in with the Jungle Animals theme. The break can also be used to feed your baby or socialise with other mums in the group.

Baby Sensory, Joondalup

After the break, it was time for play with the frogs on the parachute, helping to develop the babies’ visual skills.

Baby Sensory, Joondalup

Next, the babies were given some empty buckets to tap on and use as drums as the music played Emma walked around with different puppets.

Baby Sensory, Joondalup

The next activity we held a silk cloth above the ground, the cloth had about 9 holes in it. As Emma rolled around under the cloth she would pop her hands through the holes with frog puppets – I was amazed to see all the babies watching and waiting to see where the frogs would appear next.

Baby Sensory, Joondalup

The imaginative cloth was my favourite, as we lifted the cloth it displayed a beautiful little oasis with butterflies, the babies couldn’t wait to crawl under.

Baby Sensory, Joondalup

Before finishing up, Emma turned the lights off, the disco ball on and we all had a little boogie with our babies.

Baby Sensory, Joondalup

Before it was time to go home, we sang the goodbye song, again it involved encouraging your baby to do simple hand movements.

Baby Sensory, Joondalup

All activities in the Baby Sensory programme are based on current research into baby learning and development and are aimed to nurture:
– early social & emotional development
– physical development (gross & fine motor)
– communication, hearing & language skills
– cognitive & intellectual development
– complete Sensory development

Classes operate during the school term. Bookings are made in 10 week blocks with 10 x 1 hour sessions. Sibling, twin and group discounts apply. 

Baby Sensory classes run in various locations across Perth and in the Rockingham/Mandurah area.   Find your nearest class at

For older children, there are Toddler Sense classes.

All the equipment used is safe for babies and very clean! We both had such a great time I have decided to book my baby in for ongoing classes!

Baby Sensory, Joondalup

To find out more information about Baby Sensory visit their website.

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