Adventure World Rides make this a great day out with the tweens.  So many wet and dry activities to do and being a tween, you are tall enough for pretty everything.

When we got through the gates we headed into the gift shop to load the wristbands with Aqua Cash then you simply scan the wristband at the shops in the parks, any unused credit can be refunded when you are leaving the park. This is a fantastic alternative to having cash with you at the park all day or making constant trips to the lockers. Various locker sizes are available for daily hire.

With Aqua cash, lockers and suncream sorted, the boys headed over to the Pirates of the Caribbean themed Bumper Boats first for some crashing and squirting each other with onboard water cannons.

Kahuna Falls is like a mini water park within a water park. There is a small slide for the littlies, 2 medium slides and 3 long slides perfect for racing. Plus water canons, sprinkles, showers and of course, the massive bucket of water that comes pouring down … listen out for the beating drums that start just before it pours.

It is impossible to get through Kahuna Falls without coming out the other side soaked.

With umbrellas and lounge chairs set up around the edge, it’s a very comfortable location to set up for the day.

After getting wet at Kahuna, the boys decided to hit the water slides starting with the original waterslides set in the centre of the park.

The good old mat slides, always a classic and fun to race your mates down although when you lose your mat, it makes it a little slow going.

In the same area there is a single tube ride down the Rocky Rapids which isn’t as wild as it sounds. You can ride tandem on this slide.

Josh & Ben paired up for a trip down the Tunnel of Terror which is mostly enclosed and very dark.

Adventure World Ride – The Tunnel of Terror is one of the rides you can purchase a souvenir photo. Just find your photo on the photo booth, scan your wristband and collect it from the Information Booth near the lockers and First Aid centre.

At the centre of Adventure World you’ll find the Lagoon which is the size of 1.5 Olympic pools. It is always refreshing and swimming under the waterfalls lots of fun. The shallow end is to the right, near the grass area and it gets deeper as you go left towards the Skylift.

The Tidal Waves were very popular with our group that day. I lost count of how many times the boys raced down trying to better their times as well chalk up more wins!

Alongside the Tidal Waves is the Wahoo Speed Slides. A very fast water ride where you skip along on top the water. Very fast!!

Another waterslide to do with friends is the Sea Serpents. Grab the double tube and head up the hill for a twisting and mainly dark tube ride that ends in a big splash at the bottom.


After the Adventure World Ride Sea Serpents, the only water ride left to conquer was The Kraken, this is Adventure World’s biggest waterslide. The Kraken is a very exciting funnel slide where the riders in the 4-person raft go through dark twists & turns & drops before hitting the massive funnel that then spits you out at the end. You can also purchase a souvenir photo of your Kraken experience, the faces and results can be quite amusing.

With all the water slides completed it was time to hit one of the many eateries for some lunch.

The catering at Adventure World has really improved over years and they offer a wide range of options from hot chips, burgers, pizza to salads, wraps and sushi.

After lunch and another dip in the pool, the boys decided it was time to hit the dry rides, starting with the Grand Prix Race Track.

To drive the racing cars you must be at least 147cm and to be a passenger the height limit is 102cms. You must wear enclosed shoes, however if you forget to bring a pair of your own there are pairs you can borrow for the ride.

The Grand Prix Race Track is one of the first rides at Adventure World arriving in 1982. It is an authentic replica racetrack with its own self-contained mechanical workshop, pit lane and spectator’s grandstand. The maximum speed for each go-kart is 25 km/hour.

The Goliath is the another great Adventure World Ride, the newest thrill ride at Adventure World. The massive pendulum swings higher and higher in the air as the base turns around. This ride is awesome and currently, there is nothing else like it in Perth. So much fun!


The Black Widow has you tumbling around and around as the carriages are being rotated at the same time. This is really not for the faint-hearted

Another ride not for the faint-hearted is The Abyss!

As soon as The Abyss starts the carriage has a very steep drop but remember to smile, you are having your souvenir photo taken. Just as you recover as the carriage is taken to the top of first climb there is no more time to think about anything as you speed around the rollercoaster in twists, turns and drops.

The Ramage was quite popular with the boys, it was one they went on a number of times. This ride twists and turns and goes upside down in all directions.

The Inferno is the ride you can see from North Lake Road as you drive past the park. The boys didn’t give it a go but I jumped on, the views are amazing and just as you are enjoying the beautiful view of the coast or the hills, you are then rocketed downwards at such a speed your tummy ends up in your month! Excellent fun!

Adventure World is a great day out for your tweens/teens and their friends. All the rides are included in the entry price and it has a wide choice of rides for the adrenaline junkies to the ones who prefer the more calm and you can choose to get wet or stay dry. There really is something for everyone.

For opening times and ticket prices visit

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