Country Bakeries

Western Australia is choc full of charming country bakeries. Whether you’re planning a family road trip or looking for a perfect spot to grab a casual bakery bite while on holiday, these bakeries offer a drool worthy selection of pastries, pies, and sweet treats that are sure to satisfy every craving. Follow your nose to these top country bakeries, in WA, that are must visits.


Bakeries on the Outskirts of Perth

Bindoon Bakehaus

The Bindoon Bakehaus is a family favourite for its warm, welcoming atmosphere and mouth-watering baked goods. This bakery is renowned for its award-winning pies, artisan bread, and divine cakes. Their selection of pastries, from croissants to custard tarts, is perfect for a quick snack. The kids will love the play bakery, complete with “play pastry” to kneed. Parents can enjoy a barista-made coffee. Read more in the Buggybuddys review. 

Bindoon Bakehaus


Toodyay Bakery

Toodyay Bakery, in the charming town of Toodyay, is renowned for its rustic charm and mouth-watering treats. We think their meaty pies are a highlight, with flavours ranging from traditional beef to more unique options. The bakery also offers a variety of cakes, slices, and freshly baked bread. The welcoming staff and cosy seating upstairs make it a perfect pit stop for families exploring the Avon Valley region. Read more in the Buggybuddys review. 

Toodyay Bakery


Bakers Hill Pie Shop

Well, you couldn’t drive through BAKERS Hill and not check out what the local bakers have fresh out of their oven! Bakers Hill Pie Shop is a must-visit for pie enthusiasts traveling through the Avon Valley. This iconic bakery is famous for its hearty, generously filled pies that have been feeding locals and visitors for years. Don’t forget to try their delicious jam doughnuts and freshly baked bread too.

Country Bakeries

Gidgegannup Bakery

Gidgegannup Bakery, located in the Perth Hills, is a yummy destination for anyone with a sweet tooth. Their pastries and cakes are baked fresh daily, with standout items like their buttery croissants and chunky meat pies. The bakery’s friendly atmosphere, good coffee and dog friendly outdoor dining area makes it a great spot to stop after a bushwalk. 

Country Bakeries


Bakeries in the Bunbury-Geo Region

Dardanup Baker

In the quaint town just east of Bunbury, Dardanup Baker has made quite the reputation for amazing fresh bakes. With its traditional baking techniques and irresistible flavours, this bakery is a must try. Their massive filled doughnuts and cini scrolls are particularly popular. Just follow your nose! It’s a perfect stop to pick up delicious snacks for the road.

Pinjarra Bakery

A staple in the community, Pinjarra Bakery is known for its extensive menu and quality baked goodies. Their pies and pastries are  yummy. The bakery also has a range of sweets, and there’s plenty for the kids – even healthier options like fresh salad rolls. It’s spacious seating area makes it a great family-friendly spot to stop. Read more in the buggybuddys review. 

Pinjarra Bakery and Patisserie

Pinjarra Bakery (Waroona)

Just a short drive from the original, Pinjarra Bakery in Waroona has the same high standards and delicious offerings. This location is perfect for a quick stop on your road trip, where you can enjoy their famous pies and baked goodies. The friendly service make it a handy place to refuel before continuing your journey. And I can confirm – the coffee is good! 

Country Bakeries


Bakeries in South West WA

Dunsborough Bakery

Dunsborough Bakery is a beloved institution in the south west coastal town. With nearly a century of baking history, this bakery offers a fantastic selection of breads, pies, and pastries. Their sourdough bread is a standout, and the croissants are a must-try. The bakery’s relaxed vibe and friendly staff make it a favourite among locals and tourists alike. Grab a coffee and a pastry, and enjoy a stroll along the beautiful beaches nearby.

Country Bakeries


Margaret River Bakery

The quirky Margaret River Bakery is a vibrant and eclectic spot that’s perfect for families looking for a unique dining experience. This bakery-café hybrid offers a diverse menu, featuring everything from freshly baked bread to gourmet sandwiches and perfect pastries. The laid-back vibe makes it a favourite among locals and visitors. Kids will love the colorful treats, and parents can enjoy a quality coffee. Read more in the Buggybuddys review. 



Gugelhupf Bakery, Yallingup 

My personal favourite is the Gugelhupf Bakery! This sweet spot in Yallingup offers a European twist on traditional baking. Known for their namesake Gugelhupf cakes and an array of other sweet treats, this bakery is a haven for dessert lovers. Their pastries are perfect for a special treat – I treat myself to their moist, rich chocolate brownies every time I’m in the area (and they are GF!). Read more in the Buggybuddys review. 


The Mushroom at No. 61, Balingup

Located in the charming town of Balingup, between Donnybrook and Bridgetown, The Mushroom at No. 61 is a bakery that has earned a reputation for its award-winning meat pies. This bakery’s pies are celebrated for their flaky, golden crusts and rich fillings. Their steak and mushroom pie is a standout, bursting with tender meat and savory mushrooms. The bakery also offers a variety of sweet treats and freshly baked bread that are perfect for a picnic in the nearby Golden Valley tree park. 

Country Bakeries


Mt Barker Country Bakery

Located just off Albany Highway, the Mt Barker Country Bakery is a gem that promises to tickle your taste buds with its delicious pies and other treats. Known for its exceptional pies, this bakery offers many flavours including the classic steak and cheese and more. Their freshly baked bread and sweet slices are also crowd-pleasers. 


Bred, Albany

Last, but certainly not least, is a great bakery in the Great Southern. If you’ve made it alllll the way to Albany, reward yourself with a pastry, gourmet roll, or loaf of their famous sourdough from popular bakery Bred. I always made it my last stop before hitting the road back to Perth – taking an excellent flat white and loaf of bread with me for the ride. 

Pack up the car, and set off on a tasty adventure stopping at WA’s best country bakeries.

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