At the Swan Valley Oasis Resort you’ll find Supa Golf, which is a little different to your traditional game of mini golf.

The whole family can play this hybrid between mini golf and regular golf. There’s larger clubs and a bigger ball, and fairways, sand bunkers and greens – though a lot smaller than the real thing. This makes it far more walkable for children and gives them a taste of what golf really is like to play.

Oasis Supa Golf, Swan Valley

The pull along buggys have four golf clubs with oversized heads, a jigger (has an angled head for getting out of tricky situations, like bunkers), striker (for general hitting), putta (to putting on the green) and the BIG BOY (for teeing off)! The plastic ball is also over-sized, making it easier to hit. There’s a handy tray for bags and drink ottles too.

Oasis Supa Golf, Swan Valley

It’s a fun activity for families, groups and birthdays. You can play the full 18 hole course if you have a spare three hours, or just 9 holes, which will take about an hour and a half. If you’re playing with younger children I’d recommend starting them off with 9 holes.

Oasis Supa Golf, Swan Valley

The game is easily played (as long as you avoid the sand and water hazards) and enjoyed by all. Chef regularly plays 18 holes on his days off, Little Chef loves the challenge of trying to beat his mum and dad and I think that the Supa Golf equipment actually makes my own (terrible) golf skills quite a lot better!

Oasis Supa Golf, Swan Valley

The holes range in length from a par 3s to a par 5s.

Oasis Supa Golf, Swan Valley

Over the years we’ve visited Supa Golf many times for dates (before Little Chef), brought overseas visitors and had a few family games between the three of us. It never gets old and our competitive spirit is as strong as ever!

Oasis Supa Golf, Swan Valley

There’s some shade along the way, but it’s generally very open, so slip slop slap! In busy periods there might be a small wait between holes and there are some benches around.

Oasis Supa Golf, Swan Valley

And if that’s not enough golf for you… there’s also a fun mini golf course found there too.

Oasis Supa Golf, Swan Valley

There’s a kiosk, which sells drinks and hot and cold snacks and plenty of space to sit at the entrance.

Oasis Supa Golf, Swan Valley

The kiosk overlooks a pond and shaded sand fall playground.

Oasis Supa Golf, Swan Valley

Supa Golf can get very busy during weekends, so it’s always best to book in advance, especially if you have a larger group.

Find out more on Oasis Supa Golf here.

Find Oasis Supa Golf at 10250 West Swan Road, Henley Brook.

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