Meelup beach

Meelup Beach is a very popular, still, and serene beach in the Dunsborough region in Western Australia. If you’ve ever heard of WA’s southwest, you will know that it is a magical part of the world that everyone has to visit at least once. This is perhaps why Meelup Beach has been caught in a whirlwind of popularity recently.

So, why should you go to Meelup Beach? This beach is one of the most stunning beaches in the southwest. The gorgeous white sand and turquoise waters make for the loveliest contrast that you will be encapsulated in. 

Based in the Meelup Regional Park off Cape Naturaliste Road, Meelup Beach is only a short 10-minute drive from the heart of Dunsborough. If you fancy a brisk walk, you can even grab a coffee and head down on foot! If you plan on heading to Meelup Beach anytime soon, here are all the things you need to know about Meelup Beach in Western Australia.

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Meelup beach

Meelup Beach, Dunsborough

General Information

First of all, let’s start off with the general information you need to know about Meelup Beach. Meelup Beach is well-protected by Geographe Bay which ensures that the water is often very calm and serene. This makes it safe for swimming for the whole family and ideal for kayaking and SUPing. 

During summer, the beach has lifeguards patrolling which means that both children and adults alike can swim safely. After your swim, you can head over to the very clean public changing rooms that feature shower and toilet facilities. The grassed area that sits across from this gorgeous beach has plenty of space and is surrounded by shady trees to keep you cool while you enjoy a picnic.

If you don’t want to pack a picnic or sit on the grass, there are plenty of picnic tables and free BBQs to use. If you enjoy hiking, there is plenty of bushland surrounding Meelup Beach, and coastal trails run through in almost every direction. While you walk, you can enjoy being amongst flora and fauna while enjoying vast ocean views.

All tracks are suitable for the whole family. During the annual whale migration, you can often spot whales from the beach coastline. This is usually towards the end of September. So, if you visit during this time, make sure you bring some binoculars and keep your eyes peeled.

The only downside to this beach is that it isn’t dog-friendly. However, it is a good spot for a family to relax and unwind while swimming in crystal clear waters.

Meelup beach


Weather at Meelup Beach

When you’re visiting Meelup Beach, you will have to keep in mind the weather patterns and what time of the year you plan to visit. The driest month is usually January while the wettest month is often June. If you’d prefer to visit during the warmer months, February is the best month to visit for this.

However, if you’re wanting to stay cooler, July is the coolest month in this area. Even in the cooler months, the water temperature tends to sit at around 17.3°C with the average water temperature being 19.7°C. In general, the best month to visit the gorgeous Meelup Beach is from late December to late March. 

If you don’t plan to swim, winter is the best time to enjoy the coastal walks in the area. Keep in mind, school holidays at Meelup Beach are very busy. So, avoid heading to the beach at this time.


Meelup beach

Fishing at Meelup Beach

The fishing scene at Meelup Beach is pretty awesome. In fact, it is a really great place to go fishing! You can catch fish such as skipjack, salmon, whiting, herring, and blue swimmer crabs right from the beach! Just make sure you are aware and understanding of the sizes, bag limit, and where you are able to fish. 

Find out more information about fishing at Meelup Beach by reading the Department of Fisheries Recreational Fishing Guide.


Meelup beach

Surfing at Meelup Beach

Are you an avid surfer? If so, you will absolutely love visiting Meelup Beach in the winter months when you can take advantage of the big swell. Popular surfing spots nearby include Point Picquet, Castle Bay, and Rocky Point. The water may be a bit chilly, but the surf is worth it!


Staying Safe When You Visit Meelup Beach

While shark attacks in Australia are extremely rare, make sure you exercise caution when swimming at any beaches. To minimize the risk of injury, shark attacks, or being pulled out by a rip, swim at patrolled beaches, don’t swim too far offshore, and avoid deep water drop-offs. It’s also a good idea to avoid swimming on cloudy days and around dusk/in the evening.

When you swim at patrolled beaches, ensure that you stay between the green and yellow flags. If you can, try to swim with a buddy and keep a close eye on one another to ensure that one of you can signal for help if you need it. Read any and all signs you come across to stay up to date with all of the safety information.

Beware of marine stingers as they are very common in the region. If you are stung, you may experience discomfort that can become very painful. To avoid being stung, wear long sleeves and pants, apply repellent, and avoid dusk when biting chances peak.

If you are stung, head to the Surf Lifeguards for help. When you go to the beach, please make sure you apply a good amount of sunscreen. The sun in Australia is very dangerous and you will burn if you don’t apply sunscreen. 

Consider bringing a hat, long sleeve top, sunglasses, and an umbrella for shade.

Meelup beach


Where to Eat Near Meelup Beach

If you’re looking to grab a bite to eat near Meelup Beach, there are plenty of delicious and high-quality eateries nearby. Make sure you check out Meelup Farmhouse on Sheens Road just off Meelup Beach. Just beware that the road to Meelup Farmhouse car park is unsealed and any damage to your vehicle is your responsibility. You can protect your car as a visitor by driving slowly along the road.

The brunch at this eatery is lovely. They offer picnic hampers, a brunch menu, and a lunch menu. The venue is outdoors so make sure you wear something warm in the cooler months. They are open Thursday to Monday from 9 am to 5 pm.

The kitchen closes at three and bookings are advised.

Read our review of Meelup Farmhouse

Meelup Farmhouse


You should also make the effort to check out Eagle Bay Brewing Co. This family-owned and operated restaurant is located on a working farm in Eagle Bay.  Read our review of Eagle Bay Brewing co

eagle bay brewing co

You can enjoy delicious food, handcrafted wine, and fresh batches of beer! Last, but certainly not least, you should check out Blue Manna Bistro! The team here has a passion for food and loves sharing this passion in a spot full of natural beauty. 

Since opening in 2017, this destination has gained significant popularity, especially for the seafood.


If you plan to head to Meelup Beach near Dunsborough in WA, make sure you keep all the aforementioned things in mind to make the most out of your trip!



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