If there is one thing you want to do when cooling off in Perth this summer, it’s snorkelling! It is the perfect way to cool off after a warm day while immersing your mind, body, and soul in nature. We have put together a list of the best places to go snorkelling in Perth.


Check them out below to begin planning your next adventure!




Snorkelling Sites in Perth and WA


North Leighton/South Cottesloe

This awesome little spot for snorkelling is super under-appreciated. It is a super great, long stretch of beach that is situated to the south of the Cottesloe Groyne. It is quite exposed to the elements which means you will need to visit when there are favourable swell and wind.


This spot has so much to offer. This great spot is super close to the beach which offers a lot of accessibility options. It is one of the best places to snorkel around Perth and Western Australia.



Omeo Wreck Perth

The Omeo Wreck at Coogee is simply mystifying. It is said to be one of Perth’s coolest snorkelling spots due to its enchanting beauty and adaptability as a learning space. Learn, explore, and enjoy at the stunning Omeo Wreck. 


This shipwreck sits only metres off of the beach and is now a complete maritime trail with selfie portholes, underwater art galleries, and so much more. Just make sure you don’t climb on it as it is only a snorkelling spot. In saying that, the snorkelling experience you will enjoy here is incredible as you float through the area centred around the iconic Omeo Shipwreck.



Ammo Jetty

Ammo Jetty is not only super popular for fishing and dicing, but also very suitable for snorkelling when you visit the shallower areas. It is pretty well-protected, though you will want to get there before the sea breeze hits as it can get quite choppy. You can enjoy a peaceful snorkel and then sit down on the grass at Woodman Point for a picnic.


If the kids aren’t too tired, there is a playground there for them to enjoy! The shallow areas here are mostly just seagrass, but there are so many different kinds of undersea wildlife that will pop out and say hello as you explore. Just make sure you respect their space as you are in their home.


Enjoy some great snorkelling here.



Yanchep Lagoon

Yanchep Beach is a super lovely and popular swimming and fishing spot. It is also a gateway into the coral coast featuring Cervantes, Lancelin, Jurien Bay, and so much more. If you’re trying to stay within Perth without venturing too far, this is the ideal place to be.


The shape of the reef is very similar to a lagoon which offers plenty of strong protection from the elements. It also helps to maintain visibility to help you see all of the gorgeous reef creatures and coral underneath you. It is definitely worth the trip.

Yanchep Lagoon



Burns Beach

While Burns Beach certainly isn’t huge, it is a super lovely spot to whisk away the family to for the day. Only a short swim from shore, there is a large area full of rocky, chunky reef for you to enjoy. 


It is a very protected area, so you don’t have to worry about the elements affecting your snorkelling often. More experienced divers and swimmers can go further offshore to seek out some larger sea life. Prior snorkelling experience is recommended at this spot.

Burns Beach



Mettams Pool/Marmion Marine Park

Marmion Marine Park is a huge stretch of coast that goes all the way from Hillary’s and down to North Beach. There are so many different options for snorkelling here with different spots for different levels of experience.


Mettams Pool is a super promising and popular spot along this stretch due to its closeness to the shore and safe protection. More experienced snorkelers can also explore outward of this spot to see some more sea life. This spot along the coast is a great entry point to excellent snorkelling reefs with many species of fish.


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Rottnest Island

Rottnest is arguably one of the most popular places in all of WA. This is especially true when it comes to snorkelling. There is a huge variety of places here where the diving is simply unparalleled.

There are so many bays to visit despite which way the wind is blowing and how hard. There are beautiful places to snorkel and enjoy in all parts of Rottnest with plenty of marine life. You can enjoy all Rottnest in a number of ways with your family.

You can also enjoy the flora and fauna around what is known as Perth’s best island.

Charter 1 Fremantle



Carnac Island Nature Reserve

Hop on a tour from Fremantle and head on out to Carnac Island for a really cool, up close and personal experience with marine life. You can meet face-to-face with bottlenose dolphins, sea lions, and a lot of marine bird life. There is no shortage of friends to visit and acknowledge in this area.

You may even be able to swim alongside some if you’re very lucky. There are lots of spots around nature reserve for you to look at some wildlife if you’re lucky. It truly is one of the most enchanting snorkelling sites.


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Boyinaboat Reef

Boyinaboat Reef is situated only 75 metres from the sea wall of the famous Hillarys Boat Harbour. It is a beautiful sanctuary zone that is simply swimming with fish and gorgeous marine life. You will be guided on your way by ten informal plaques that will guide you as you venture throughout the caves and reefy outcrops looking for marine life.

This reef is only six to seven meters deep and is a little hard to access. If possible, only attempt to snorkel in this area if you can go alongside someone who is a little more confident and experienced.


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Point Peron and Mushroom Rock

If you’re searching for some really cool underwater crevices and caves to explore, you need to check out both Mushroom Rock and Point Peron. Point Peron is completely surrounded by the Shoalwater Islands Marine Parke but it is a very popular spot. It has numerous caves and swim-throughs for you to enjoy and feel like a mermaid.

Mushroom Rock is a very popular snorkel spot that you will easily be able to find by searching for a nice limestone formation. Here, you can catch even more rocky reefs and sea life.


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Penguin Island

Penguin Island is certainly the South’s favourite spot for an enjoyable snorkel. Situated right between the island and the coast is a really serene and calm stretch of water that is full of beautiful sea life. Most of the time, you can spot sea lions, dolphins, and even penguins enjoying a quick dip in the water.

Just remember that the water is pretty deep here. and you need to be aware of sharks. You should be fine though, just keep an eye out.

Penguin island


Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

This absolutely enchanting marine park is another place to snorkel. It is absolutely beautiful and includes the waters of Shoalwater Bay, a small part of Cockburn Sound, a few small islands, and Warnbro Sound. The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park is full of reefs in shallow water where you can enjoy some nice snorkelling.

You need to ensure that you arrive before the sea breeze does as the water can get really choppy.


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Busselton Jetty

While the Busselton Jetty actually is a bit of a drive away, it is very much worth it if you’re a snorkelling enthusiast. The warm Leeuwin Current that flows down in Busselton is the home of more than 300 sub-tropical and tropical marine species around the jetty itself. 

Yeah, that’s a lot. Here, you will see colourful fish, sponges, and corals. This spot south of Perth is very much worth the visit.

Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory


If you’re looking to enjoy some of Perth’s most popular snorkelling, you have to check out the great places listed above for some of Perth’s best snorkelling spots.

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