Thanks to the popularity of campervans, camping and road trips have become more accessible. Such vehicles make it very easy to explore various places and connect with nature around Perth.

As of now, there are over 20 campervan hire companies in Perth you can take for consideration when looking for the best campervan rental for your road trips. However, before hitting the road, it’s essential to take note of the basics and learn the rules that come with a campervan road trip. This is especially true if you’re a first-timer.

Known as a caravan, camper, or class B in some parts of the globe, a campervan is, basically, a self-contained recreational vehicle that’s built on the frame of a van or a truck. Campervans are actually smaller than the traditional RV vans, making them more accessible to people.

One of the primary benefits of a campervan is how convenient it is. Since the vehicle is built on the body of a production-model vehicle, anyone who has driven a minivan or a big truck may learn how to navigate a campervan quickly.

Moreover, campervans are less expensive in comparison to RVs, which also have the same features. This is why a campervan is ideal for road trips on a budget. When looking for a campervan rental, you can check out some comparison sites, like Camper Champ, to get better deals.

Below are some of the tips and ideas you can consider for your campervan road trip.


Know Where To Sleep

When you’ve decided to go on a campervan road trip, you should know where to sleep. But, it may depend on what kind of campervan you’re driving. If it’s big and comes with an onboard bathroom, you’ll have to pump out the tank, so big-scale campgrounds and RV parks are the best places to stop.

If your campervan comes with a bed only, it will give you more freedom to camp in places that aren’t accessible to RVs. You may also rely on the different campgrounds with basic coffee shops or pit toilets in the morning.

Just remember that traveling by campervan can be similar to backcountry camping, which requires you to practice the virtue of leaving no trace and always cleaning the campsites before leaving.

Furthermore, it’s also a good idea to reserve a campground ahead of time. It’s not only time-saving, but it may also save you money in the long run. While it’s tempting to go wherever the wind takes you, it can be an expensive proposition if the campground space is a bit limited. By making reservations in your preferred campgrounds, you can be assured that there’s available space suited for your budget. You can do this online on websites that let you book a campground space easily.


Make Sure To Plan Your Road Trip

While a campervan road trip can give you the freedom to camp anywhere, it doesn’t mean that you should skip planning and just go with the flow. You also need to consider some campsites beforehand and places to stop for a break. Although it’s good to go with the flow, having a plan can help you get rid of any stress by knowing where you can park at every leg.

If you cannot manage an exact plan, you may also map out the possible stopping points along your router. If you have that information, you’ll have all the time you’ll need on the road and pick the perfect spots that are most suitable during certain moments.


Ensure That You Know How To Drive A Campervan

Your campervan won’t do much good if you won’t be able to get it off the lot. Vans may be more challenging to drive than cars if you’re not used to their turning radius and size. See to it that you know the ways to drive the one you rent and ask regarding the automotive versus manual transmissions before hitting checkout. If you haven’t driven a campervan before, make sure to spend some time learning it before you take it for a road trip.


Check Your Gear Before Taking On A Road Trip

Before you rent a campervan, know what’s included and make a list of what you may need for your road trip. Ensure everything you expect is inside of your campervan. If there’s something missing, re-evaluate your needs and know the things that can be necessary during your road trips. A little preparation may save you from any frustrations and help you enjoy your road trip even more.


Do Meal Planning

To avoid experiencing an empty belly or three straight dinners of sandwiches, consider doing some meal planning before leaving. Know the meals you’ll need and determine what you would want to eat. Also, consider the food storage you’ll have (either a cooler or a mini fridge) and know the dishes that are easy to prepare over a fire.

Essentially, you don’t need to plan what you’ll eat daily, but it pays to ensure that you always keep your tummy happy. Stocking on some staple breakfast ingredients may also let you wake up focused on your adventures. So, go to the nearest grocery store before you start your trip and get everything you may need to prepare your meals.


Stock On Some Snacks

If you want to have the best kind of road trip on a campervan, it’s important to stock on some snacks. Since campervans enable you to reach more destinations, it may also mean that there won’t be a lot of available pit stops. Whenever possible, take advantage of the pit stops you see because your body might need a few snacks after completing an epic trek. You might also need some treats for your late-night campfire sessions.


Take Advantage Of Free Camping

If you’re going to some national parks, look for nearby free camp areas. You might not find anything inside the park, but there’s always something close by. The only thing you should do is to ask around or search online for free camping areas.


Be A Minimalist And Never Pack Too Much

Since a campervan has a limited space, your minimalist philosophy may benefit you during your road trip. Only consider what’s going to make your road trip enjoyable and get rid of everything else. You might not want to sift through your things when trying to choose the perfect outfit for the day and wish you’d left some of them at home.


Pay Attention To Temperatures

Are you planning to travel to cold places with your campervan rental?  If yes, you should consider your campervan’s isolation. Also, it would be best to bring blankets, sheets, or a sleeping bag.

On the one hand, if you’re going to hot places, check if your air conditioning is gas-free and bring enough water. You should also choose reusable bottles that can contain both the hot and cold drinks.


Know The Best Time To Enjoy A Campervan Road Trip

A campervan road trip during winter affords less crowds and great scenery, but you may need to deal with harsh temperatures.

Oftentimes, the most popular times for a campervan road trip is during summer months, even if there isn’t a bad time to hit the open road. A lot of campgrounds are open, and aside from lighter and smaller crowds, the fall foliage and crisp mornings are ideal for heading outdoors.

Spring is good for trips with a theme and winter is the season to scour your country by van. Just pack a set of warm clothes and pay attention to the weather maps.


Keep Your Itinerary Loose

One of the best things about a campervan road trip is that you carry your bed around with you, so you’re free to go wherever you want and whenever you like. Once you find a place you love, you can always stay there for a longer period of time. If you want to explore more, all you have to do is to pack up and hit the road again for more adventures.


Don’t Forget About Entertainment

Having entertainment can make a difference in your campervan road trip, especially if you prefer long drives. A little entertainment may also come in handy during rainy days when you’re just stuck in the van. There are various entertainment options you may consider, which may include podcasts, kindles, handheld gaming devices, and tablets. Just don’t forget to charge them from time to time.


Keep Your Eye On Your Campervan’s Fuel Gauge

When you’re on the road, it’s easy to overlook the fuel gauge of your campervan. However, make sure to keep it in your mind always because gas stations never grow in trees. If possible, plan your trip so you can have a rough estimate of your fuel consumption. This will help you know where and when to stop exactly. If you have target places to visit while on a road trip, searching for the possible gas stations near them may also come in handy.



One of the best ways to explore and discover many places is to go on a road trip using a good-quality campervan rental. The above tips and ideas can help you make the most of your road trip and make more memories that could last a lifetime, regardless of where you want to go with your loved ones. Just don’t forget to pack your essentials and always keep an eye on your fuel gauge to avoid any inconvenience.




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