If you’re seeking freedom on four wheels, a campervan is your ticket. Perfect for those holiday park getaways or off-grid adventures, campervans have become a popular choice for Aussie families.

You may already be considering buying one for your family. Now comes the question: should you get a used or a new one? There’s no right or wrong answer to this. But it helps to understand the different qualities of each so you make the ideal decision for yourself.

If you need help with evaluating your options, look no further! This piece will guide you through your decision-making process of choosing a new or used campervan by weighing up the pros and cons of each. After that, it’ll look into the factors you must consider once you’re ready to buy a campervan for your family.


Reasons To Get A Campervan For Your Family

You might wonder why you should consider buying a campervan in the first place. Well, campervans offer flexibility, convenience, and the chance for spontaneous travel – making every trip a unique adventure for the family. Nevertheless, campervans vary significantly. You’ll encounter different types, whether new or used, each possessing unique benefits and drawbacks.


Different Types Of Campervans

Like most vehicles, campervans come in various shapes and sizes. When you look for a used or new one, you’ll likely come across these five types:

  • Class B campervans: Small, versatile, and perfect for small families or couples.
  • Class B+ campervans: Slightly larger than Class B, these offer more space without compromising on mobility.
  • Class C campervans: These are large, comfortable, and great for larger families but can be trickier to manoeuvre.
  • Van conversions: Custom-built from standard vans, these offer bespoke designs for unique needs.
  • Retro campervans: These nostalgic vehicles offer charm but may lack modern comforts.

Not one type is better than the other. Your choice depends on your needs, lifestyle, family size and, of course, budget.


Pros And Cons Of Used Campervans

A used campervan has its quirks, especially if it’s an older, retro type. Before you buy one to take your family to the best caravan parks for the holidays, consider its pros and cons below:


  • Affordability: Used campervans generally have a lower purchase price, making them an economical choice.
  • Customisation: With a used campervan, you have the option to customise it to suit your family’s needs.
  • Lower Mileage: Some used campervans may have fewer kilometres travelled than expected.


  • Potential for Repairs: Used campervans may have hidden mechanical issues, adding to your overall costs.
  • Lack of Warranty: Most used campervans won’t come with a warranty, leaving you to bear any repair costs.
  • Outdated Features: Used campervans may lack the latest technology or comfort features found in newer models.

For all its charm, a used campervan doesn’t come without faults. Due to their age, older campervans may require more maintenance and repairs. If you don’t mind the extra work, you might find joy in owning a used campervan. It may not be perfect, but it’s still a fantastic choice for you and your family.


Pros And Cons Of New Campervans

Families who embrace modernity and fancy tech may enjoy a brand-new campervan for their road trips. Weigh these pros and cons before buying one for your next holiday:


  • Latest Technology: New campervans offer the latest features and technologies for comfort and convenience. These include Wi-Fi connectivity, solar panels, and enhanced safety systems.
  • Lower Mileage: With a new campervan, you start from zero on the odometer, reducing the likelihood of immediate mechanical issues.
  • Warranty: New campervans typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty, providing peace of mind and protection from unforeseen repair costs.


  • Higher Cost: New campervans carry a higher price tag, potentially straining your budget.
  • Depreciation: New campervans depreciate quickly once purchased, meaning they lose value rapidly.
  • Limited Customisation: While new campervans come with modern features, they may not offer the personalisation options that used campervans do.

If budget isn’t an issue, your family will benefit from a new campervan. You and the kids are less likely to complain if nothing breaks down while you’re on the road.


Factors To Consider

Beyond the basic pros and cons, other factors should guide your decision between buying a new or used campervan. Consider the campervan’s brand, as it may indicate reliability and quality. Think about price in terms of upfront cost, but also the ongoing costs like insurance and maintenance. Potential resale value is important, too, as some campervans hold their value better than others.

When inspecting a used model, ensure a thorough examination – don’t shy away from hiring a professional if needed. Finally, consider the layout and features to ensure they align with your family’s needs. A campervan may have all the latest gadgets, but if the sleeping arrangements don’t work for your family, it might not be the right choice.

Family vacation in mobile home: young parents travel with small preschool son have picnic on terrace on sunset at rv camper trailer. People enjoy summer road voyage on caravan car. Summer outdoor trip


So, should your family invest in a new, amenity-packed campervan, or does a wallet-friendly, customisable used campervan make more sense? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. As long as it hits all your marks, that’s all that matters. Ultimately, the right choice is the one that best meets your family’s unique travel desires. Happy camping!


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